Error Android – Apkafe

Error Android – Apkafe


Android smartphones are increasingly popular and widely used everywhere. However, sometimes users may encounter problems, but do not know how to handle it. And today’s article will help you understand and resolve these issues completely. 

1. The application exits unexpectedly while running 

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This is probably the most common error on Android that anyone has encountered once. The cause of this problem is quite diverse, and we must clarify each issue to have a radical solution. 

 Not enough RAM? 

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On Android phones, you can download any game on CH Play without the need for hardware compatibility barriers. And users are indifferent to playing games that require 2-3 GB of RAM while the phone’s hardware is using only 1 GB of RAM. 

This has caused a self-exiting application due to insufficient RAM on the device to keep the game running. The solution is extremely simple, as follows: 

 – Before playing games or using heavy apps, hold down the Home key or multitask, then exit all applications that are running in the background to maximize RAM. 

 – If this problem continues, then you have to use applications with lower RAM requirements. 

The application is corrupted

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We cannot eliminate the cause that the application/game in use is corrupted, which means they cannot function normally resulting in a sudden exit. Typically, the message Force close will appear. 

If you encounter this situation, you can try the following: 

 – Check for updates to make sure the running application version is the latest. 

 – Go to Settings> Applications> All> Select the faulty application> Clear data and cache. 

 – The last method is you have to delete and reinstall the application. 

The operating system does not match the device

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Last but not least, the operating system version running on your device is obsolete. This will cause the application to exit suddenly when in use, the remedy cannot be simpler than updating the app. 

2. The battery drops quickly even when not in use 

If one day, your device suddenly runs out of power quickly, there are two reasons to think about: 

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– The device has an aged battery. 

– Too many applications are running in the background. 

And the most accurate way to check is: 

– Hold down the Power button for 3 seconds until the message shows Shutdown> Press and hold Power off (or Reboot, depending on the device)> Select Safe Mode> OK. 

– You can turn off the phone, then turn on and press the volume keys (increase and decrease). Safe Mode will then activate. 

After Safe Mode is activated, all background apps will be disabled and you need to monitor the time to charge the battery. 

– If the battery is normal, the device may have many applications running in the background, and you need to disable them. 

– If the battery charge time is too fast or too long, according to me, it is time to replace another battery. 

3. Display lag when swiping the screen 

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If this happens often, then you must think of the interface running on your device too heavy. It’s time to replace them with something simpler, like: 

• Nova Launcher. 

• Arrow Launcher. 

 4. The device is getting slower and slower 

Some people after a period of use said their devices become slower significantly, even to start up contacts takes a few seconds. The reason being explained is that devices running Android 4.2 and below will not be equipped with automatic garbage cleaning. 

They will accumulate to a certain extent and make difficult for the processor. The easiest solution is to update to the latest version of Android (from 4.3 and above, you will be equipped with TRIM self-cleaning feature) ). 

And the only solution for devices that can’t upgrade Android is to use specialized software to reset the operating system as it shipped. 

 5. CH Play has an error of no connection 


– First, your Android device has been displayed with the wrong date and time, making CH Play connection unstable. 

– Some applications affect IP network configuration as well as DNS on the device makes the device inaccessible. 

How to fix: 

Error Android - Tip and tricks for android - Apkafe.com7

– Reset the date and time system on the device. 

You check the date and time system on your Android device by: 

You access Settings, click on Date & Time, as shown below. 

Next, you make changes to Set Day and Set Time, as shown above to reset the date and time to fix CH Play error on Android. 

– Change DNS on Android. 

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