State of Survival – The extraordinary game of fighting against zombies

State of Survival is a new kind of strategy survival against zombies game that combines both RPG and real-time strategy RTS genres in a vibrant environment of a mobile MMO, launched in 2019 by Kings Group Holdings.

Since its release, the game has been highly rated on both Google Play and App Store thanks to its beautiful 3D visuals with a post-apocalyptic setting,  as well as exciting gameplay combining strategy and city management.

State of Survival
State of Survival: Zombie War for Android

The game’s background happens in a world that has gone through 6 months immersed in the raging epidemic of zombies, isolated society, and extreme hardship. At the present, on the ground, there are only infected people and a few brave people left, trying to fight and take their lives. You are one of those. Your mission is to find teammates to battle and destroy zombies, protect survivors and build a new empire in the future.

Currently, there is a State of Survival MOD APK version, in which players will get unlimited money and a very fast cooldown.

State of Survival’s gameplay

Players will have two main tasks, killing zombies and managing the city. First, you need to initially allocate resources such as tomatoes, wooden planks to build infrastructure (farms, training grounds, hospitals). In addition, you also need to regularly upgrade and repair infrastructure to prevent zombies from attacking.

Besides, you need to train soldiers to increase their strength and combat skills. Depending on the level of the infrastructure, you will have to fight to a certain rank and consume resources for food and materials for upgrades and repairs. When the troops are ready, organize raids to hunt zombies in nearby locations, gain control of the area, claim loot and make alliances with new people.

State of Survival is also a team game, therefore, work together with your teammates to destroy zombies and their leader. Conversations throughout the game will help you know what tasks you need to perform. There are many types of weapons with different damage stats, such as guns, bows, mines, etc. Depending on the type of zombie, you have to use appropriate weapons to get the ultimate victory. There will be a dog beside you, he will follow you and also fight with zombies.

State of Survival
State of Survival: Zombie War for Android

State of Survival guides – Things to remember

  • Search and control food: You won’t survive if you’re hungry, so try to seek and reserve food when needed.
  • Reconstruction: Build your base to form a safe war haven for survivors and a foundation for your post-apocalyptic world.
  • Rescue others: Save survivors like you to increase your force and strength in this adventure.
  • Make alliances: The more, the stronger. Forge strong alliances to survive this nightmare!
  • Research: Zombie mutants are very smart and clever. Researching and finding their weak points is the key to solve this problem.

How to download State of Survival APK

Requirements of minimum configuration:

  • Android: 2GB RAM, OS 4.2 or higher
  • iOS: iPhone 6, iOS 9 and above.

Step 1. Access Google Play or App Store by clicking the link above this article.

Step 2. Search for State of Survival game.

Step 3. Choose Get to download and wait for the process.

Step 4. The game will ask for permissions, make your choice then.

Step 5. Once the installation finishes, start the game and enjoy.

How to get State of Survival new Heroes 2021

State of Survival
State of Survival: Zombie War for Android

In order to get these new heroes, players have to collect their hero fragments via the Hero Search function in your Hero Precinct building. Once you obtain enough fragments, you can unlock a hero.

The producer has said that they will add three Legendary Tier 5 Heroes, who are Martha, Jessica and Luca, to State of Survival in 2021.

How to redeem gift code in State of Survival

Step 1. Go to the main screen interface of the game

Step 2. Click on your Avatar in the left corner of the screen

Step 3. Click Settings in the right corner of the screen

Step 4. Click Redeem

Step 5. Enter gift code and press Change

Hopefully, you are prepared for the apocalypse and extreme battle for survival in State of Survival.

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