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Business of Loving

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10 March, 2024

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Product Description

Dive into the captivating storyline of Business of Loving APK, a visual novel game that combines love, lust, and corporate intrigue. Join the protagonists as they navigate the challenges of corporate life, romance, and personal growth. With free downloads, comprehensive guides, and exciting MOD options, this game promises an unforgettable journey filled with scandalous twists and multiple endings.


Explore the Seductive World of Business of Loving APK

Business of Loving APK appears to be an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) visual novel game developed by Dead End Game. The game’s premise revolves around the player assuming the role of a young unpaid intern navigating through the challenges of corporate life in the biggest company in the city, Business Inc. The protagonist not only has to deal with a demanding boss named Kimberly but also has to balance home life with their single mother, Lorraine, and explore other part-time jobs with various other bosses, such as Lily the gardener, and Ramirez the police officer.

The game promises to offer a scandalous narrative filled with dirty lies, kinky corruption, and multiple endings based on the player’s choices. Players can guide the protagonists to become their best selves or succumb to their darker desires, influencing the fates of the characters they encounter.




Gameplay Mechanics

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you step into the shoes of a young intern in Business of Loving APK. Navigate through the challenges of corporate life, balance relationships, and make crucial decisions that shape your destiny. With interactive gameplay mechanics, your choices matter, leading to multiple endings and immersive experiences.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Routes: Players can choose different paths for the protagonist, leading to various endings.
  2. Love Interests: Players can develop relationships with characters like Lily, the gardener, and explore romantic and intimate encounters.
  3. Gameplay Choices: Players can make decisions that affect the storyline and character development.
  4. NSFW Content: The game contains adult themes, including nudity, romance, and sexual encounters.
  5. Incest and NTR Content: Certain builds of the game may contain incest fetish content, which can be avoided if not preferred by the player. Additionally, NTR (Netorare) or cuckolding content is present but optional.
  6. MOD Options: Unlock special features and enhancements with the Business of Loving MOD for an enhanced gaming experience.




Q: Where can I find the next update?

A: Patreon supporters will receive access to the latest update one month in advance. If you’re eager to experience the newest version early, consider supporting our Patreon for exclusive access.

Q: What are the differences between versions?

A: Versions marked with an “i” contain content featuring an incest fetish. If this doesn’t align with your preferences, we recommend avoiding these builds.

Q: Is there NTR/Cuckolding content?

A: Yes, but it’s entirely optional and easy to avoid if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Q: Will Business of Loving be available on Steam?

A: We’re hopeful for a Steam release once the game exits its Beta phase, offering a broader platform for players to enjoy our captivating visual novel.

Q: How do I use codes?

A: Tricks can be activated on your PC or during character creation. If you encounter any issues, ensure you’re using the correct input method for entering trick codes.



In conclusion, Business of Loving APK offers players an immersive and provocative visual novel experience set in the world of corporate intrigue, romance, and adult themes. With its free download option, comprehensive guide, and exciting MOD features, this game provides endless hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of steamy romance or thrilling plot twists, Business of Loving APK has something for everyone.


Ready to embark on a seductive journey? Download Business of Loving APK now for free and discover a world of passion and intrigue. Unlock the MOD for enhanced gameplay and explore multiple routes to find your perfect ending. Start your adventure today!


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