In a world where mobile technology is advancing exponentially, we’re now all connected across the globe. Social apps allow us to spread information and ideas far and wide. They also open up avenues to stay in touch with family and loved ones while traversing the globe and let us connect with new people we meet on our adventures.

By nature, we are inherently social creatures. From days telling stories around an open fire to the modern trend of sharing content on the web, we can look to history and biology for an explanation as to why social apps are the most popular in the world. With roughly 2.8 billion people using social apps globally, this rising trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Social networking apps on

Social networking apps are in abundance, but naturally, some have taken the throne in terms of their sheer number of users and functionality.

In usual fashion, we have created a list of social networking apps to keep you connected on the go, wherever you may be. Part of what makes these apps special is the ability to share your life with the masses, updating your followers on your personal journey through life and the cosmos (if you happen to be an astronaut).

Instagram took the world by storm when it was released with its unique image based sharing and heavily updated features on a regular basis. The people ask, and Instagram listens. It’s the perfect way to make people believe you live a better life than you actually do, which can be a double-edged sword in itself. There aren’t many social media apps like Instagram, and for good reason. Nobody does it quite like them.

In the same category but on the other side of the spectrum is Twitter. With an emphasis on short bursts of text and daily updates, celebrities, and government figures have taken to the app to keep their avid followers in the loop with their day to day lives. It has been described as the SMS of the internet and has created waves across the world in terms of how political figures communicate with their supporters.

Then there are social gaming apps like Hago, that provide you with a bit of mindless fun after a long day, combined with the ability to meet new people at the same time. Whatever your needs, a quick look at our social apps Android list should have you covered for the most part. At Apkafe we update our database constantly with new APK files, so be sure to check back in sooner than later for free premium app downloads.

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And if you’re looking for social messaging apps to stay in touch with your loved ones, head over to our messaging apps section for the latest updated APKs for doing just that.

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