With more and more people opting to scrap bar hopping for online dating to meet people, it’s slowly becoming the norm. There’s a level of convenience that comes with being able to choose your partner while sat on the couch with a tub of ice cream in hand, belly hanging out.

Dating online was once fairly frowned upon, reserved for older generations in a desperate attempt to find a partner before they die alone. Now, however, dating apps are the optimal way to meet people across all demographics. Regardless of age, race, sexuality, there’s someone out there waiting for you to swipe right and wow them with your best pick up lines.

Best dating apps on Apkafe

But not all dating apps are created equal. As they become increasingly more popular, developers are scrambling in an attempt to create the next Tinder. Most fall short, however, lacking in features and a decent database to actually find someone you’re interested in. Luckily, here at Apkafe, we’ve curated a list of the best dating apps for you to download and start you on your journey to finding your soulmate.

The king of dating apps is currently Tinder, with the most amount of users worldwide and sweet paid features that actually improve your chances of finding quality matches. You can use it for free with reasonable success, but opting for Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus will increase your success tenfold, allowing you to make use of unlimited swipes and location changes.

Next in line are Badoo and Bumble, considered dating apps like Tinder which have been gaining serious traction over the past few years. Their respective databases of users nearly match Tinder, with Badoo seemingly having a large presence in Asia and worldwide, while Bumble is the apk app for choice for users across the U.K and Europe.

Trailing behind are OKCupid and Zoosk, with the latter being for more serious adults looking to find real love with its comprehensive profile builder that helps you find people with genuinely similar interests. It aims to veer away from hookup culture with a focus on creating long-term, lasting relationships.

Download a dating app on Apkafe

At Apkafe there’s a dating app for everyone. The app you choose should depend on your location to have the best chances of meeting that someone special. Online dating, for the most part, is free and opens up whole new worlds of possibilities for introverts and hermits around the world. With the ability to take your time and get to know someone through virtual interaction before meeting, you can save a whole lot of time and effort filtering out those who you don’t resonate with.

Online dating apps are the future of matchmaking. Forget about speed dating and spending endless amounts of cash on drinks for the opposite sex at the bar. Everything you need is right here at Apkafe.com. Have a look around and take your pick. Then the only thing left to do is find your match and put on your dancing shoes.

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