Looking to find the best app to download videos from YouTube? On Apkafe we have all the top rated video downloader apk for Android, where you can get videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion and more. Some of them even allow you to download movies, MP3 files and watch live TV, meaning you can have all the entertainment you want on one single app – all totally free.

YouTube is by far the most popular website for downloading videos with this category of app – with more than five billion hours of video and 1.2 billion monthly users, the website is by far the biggest collection of video footage on the internet. Music videos, documentaries, funny videos, cats playing piano and just about everything else can be found on YouTube – but the website itself doesn’t allow users to download content to watch offline, limiting you instead to only being able to watch YouTube with a secure internet connection.

Write out planes, busses and most other public transport (the times when you need to be able to watch something the most). With our collection of YouTube video downloader apps, you can download any video with just one click, and it’ll store on the app as well as in your documents. You can come back anytime to watch it.

Apps to download video such as KeepVid and SnapTube allow you to download videos in MP3 format too, meaning that you can save music on your phone that you can’t find anywhere else – including the most obscure artists who only have a little bit of exposure. Try out VidMate to download all the best YouTube videos as well as watch more than 200 TV channels from around the world for free. Alternatively, give 4K Video Downloader a try to get the best quality ultra-HD video downloads. With so many free options to choose from, all offering great services, the choice will ultimately depend on your personal preference – so make sure that you try out a few of them and see which one suits your tastes best.

Start downloading videos today to make your device the ultimate offline entertainment bank. Don’t get caught out when you’re stuck on a plane for hours with nothing to watch. And why not download all those small local bands that you like but can’t find anywhere other than YouTube? Our YouTube video downloader app collection features all the most trusted and most downloaded names. Try one of our video downloader apk for Android today!

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