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Movies now seem to be something indispensable for your life. Besides complying with the requirements of entertainment and relaxation, movies also give you profound lessons about education and humanity. In addition, it also allows you to experience exploring and traveling around the world because most films are now recorded at famous locations and beautiful wonders all over the world… and movies also give you lots of other added values.

Along with the development and strong influence of modern technology and the Internet, the way we watch movies now also changes. In the past, we used to watch films on TV channels, then the movie theatre, after that on movie websites, and nowadays on movie applications on mobile devices.

Yesmovies is an excellent choice for watching movies on mobile devices. Yesmovies is a free of charge movie watching application developed by World, Inc. Up to the present time, this application contains a number of downloads of hundreds of thousands of times, with the amount of active users daily is about 300,000.

The outstanding features of Yesmovies

1. Free and easy to use

There is not any cost to you when using the Yesmovies app. More amazing, this application has an extremely eye-catching interface with a clear layout and very easy to operate. The smart search bar will help you find movies to watch in seconds.

2. Movies with a huge number, diversified, and updated regularly

Yesmovies film store is very assorted with a variety of categories: Drama, Sport, Animation, Sport, Action, Romance, War… and clearly classified by release time. An appealing feature is up to the minute movies that are constantly updated, so you will easily find the film has just published on Yesmovies.

3. Easy to share

You can easily distribute your favourite movies at Yesmovies on popular social media such as Facebook, Twiter, Youtube, Linked, Instagram…

4. Support IMDB

Yesmovies integrates IMDB so you can read the script, see the actors’ information, and be aware of the reviews of a movie before you spend two hours watching it. This great feature will save you a lot of time because you will come up with movie for you.

How to download Yesmovies APK

Unfortunately, Yesmovies is not available on Play Store and App Store so before downloading, you need to enable the “Allow installing apps from unknown sources.”

Step 1: Turn on the “Allow downloading applications from unknown sources.”

Step 2: Download the application from the link at the top of this article.

Step 3: Install and use Yesmovies.

Overall, Yesmovies is an outstanding free application for watching movies and TV shows on mobile devices with high quality, not inferior to any paid application. I hope you have a happy and rewarding experience with Yesmovies.


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