Touch Himawari

Spending time on Touch Himawari, you will interact with and learn the stories of beautiful Japanese anime girls. The interesting thing is that you can create different endings based on your choices.


What is Touch Himawari game?

Touch Himawari is a Japanese mobile game by Hit-Point. In this game, the player controls a cat named Himawari and performs tasks such as touching objects on the screen, finding and collecting items and performing other activities to help Himawari complete the quest.


The game features beautiful graphics and vivid sound. There are many levels, from easy to hard, to challenge players. Also, it has special game modes to increase entertainment.

Besides playing solo, gamers can share their results and challenge friends on social networking. More interestingly, they can also get rewards for connecting to their Facebook accounts.


Main features

  • Free to download
  • Simple to play
  • No registration required
  • Various mini games
  • Charming Japanese cartoon characters
  • No ads
  • Simple interface

How to download Touch Himawari APK

Currently, Touch Himawari has many free APK versions that are available for free download. You can access here to install this Japanese puzzle games on your devices.


Touch Himawari is an interesting game with many attractive features. If you are an anime lover, you will really enjoy it.

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