Football Manager 2022 Mobile

If you’re a football fan with a secret dream of becoming a coach of your own team, then Football Manager 2022 will help you do that. The game offers you a chance to manage your team in detail with many favorite star players.

About Football Manager 2022 Mobile


Football Manager 2022 is the latest sports simulation game from longtime developers Sports Interactive and SEGA. Players can manage any team from more than 50 countries around the world, select, arrange players, and strategize so that they become the most optimal team. Not only that, but you also have to learn how to deal with the media and handle player-related issues like a real coach!

Currently, Football Manager 2022 has 2 game modes:

  • Career Game: Single-player mode with in-game AI trainers.
  • Online Game: Multiplayer mode with other players around the world.

The strongest point of this version is that its simulation has been greatly upgraded, both in terms of visualization and detail. You can more easily see every action of the players on the field while watching the performance of the two teams, of course, everything is of high quality. Besides, you can consult the available in-game tactical templates, based on the most popular and influential approaches.

The gameplay


In the game, you become an extremely important person affecting the success or failure of the football team – a manager. You will directly make decisions about training, tactics, and player transfers before – after each match. You can change the appearance of this manager to match your desired character: color, hairstyle, face, body shape, etc.

Your main task is to help the team win each match with the ultimate goal of winning the championship for each season. Depending on the importance of each match, the rewards players receive will change accordingly.

There is a list of football players worldwide whose looks and playing skills are extremely similar to the originals. The more famous in real life, the higher the power stats in the game, but that also means, the higher the recruitment money and the harder to get.

Highlights in Football Manager 2022 Mobile

More leagues


Football Manager Mobile 2022 features more than 60 leagues from 25 nations across the globe. You can also now play African continental competitions for the first time with the addition of the South African league.

Press Conference

This is a very interesting new feature. Players can hold press conferences to answer reporters’ questions before and after the game. You can rely on the content of the reporter’s question to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team or if you want your answer to be published, this is not a bad choice.



Extremely realistic modern 3D graphics will recreate in detail what happens in a professional match: A super huge stadium with a capacity of hundreds of thousands of people, shaped players Very similar to the real human version, the movements of the players are very smooth, consistent with the position of the ball on the field, and so on.


You will be amazed at the incredibly realistic sound. For example, when the match takes place, players will hear the sound of the fans cheering for their favorite team, the sound of the commentators reporting the match accurately, and the referee’s whistle.

Development center


As one of the most exciting new features of this year’s version, the game adds detailed information and tactical analysis. The center also contains a wealth of useful stats, metrics, and charts about the manager’s team and the upcoming opposition, as well as the pass, cross accuracy, XG performance, formation efficiency, shot accuracy, and many more.

Transfer negotiations

Selecting and managing the squad is not enough, a manager also needs to make seasonal player transfers. Every deal must be done on your terms. Your ability to accommodate multiple offers for players allows you to direct your recruiting like never before.

How to download Football Manager 2022 Mobile

You can directly download Football Manager 2022 Mobile game on Google Play and App Store as instructions below:

  • Step 1: Access the links for downloading Football Manager 2022 Mobile at the top right corner.
  • Step 2: Click Download. Then, accept all permissions.
  • Step 3: Install the game.
  • Step 4: After the installation finishes, open and start playing!

Best notes for Football Manager 2022 Mobile game

  • When you first start playing, try your hand at being a club owner, before rising to the higher position of Sports Director.
  • Use new tools and options, like Match Feeds, to improve your tactics and differentiate your play style in different situations.
  • After selecting a team and developing a strategy, make a long-term plan for the leagues and seasons, especially in terms of spending money during the transfer negotiations. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in newbies in the market.
  • Do not ignore when the player wants to talk to you, this will only make the situation worse. Sometimes a player just gives an opinion or needs a reasonable answer from the coach.
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