Light Up Your Minecraft World: A Complete Guide to Crafting Lanterns

Lighting plays a crucial role in Minecraft, not only for aesthetics but also for survival, keeping hostile mobs at bay. Lanterns offer a charming and efficient light source, far surpassing the humble torch in both light level and design. Whether you’re lighting up a cozy cottage or a daunting dungeon, learning how to make a lantern in Minecraft is essential. This guide will walk you through crafting both normal and soul lanterns, providing more knowledge about these beautiful light sources for your creations.

Lantern Types

1. Regular Lanterns

Regular Lanterns-apkafe

  • Description: Regular lanterns emit a warm, yellow light, similar to that of torches but brighter and more decorative. They’re crafted from iron nuggets and a torch, making them an accessible option for early to mid-game lighting solutions.
  • Light Level: Regular lanterns provide a light level of 15, the same as torches and most other light sources in Minecraft, making them highly effective at preventing mob spawns.
  • Usage: Ideal for lighting up homes, pathways, villages, or any space where a cozy, welcoming light is desired. They can be placed both on the ground and hung from ceilings or chains, offering versatile design possibilities.

2. Soul Lanterns

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  • Description: Soul lanterns offer a cooler, blue-toned light, setting a completely different mood compared to regular lanterns. They are crafted using soul torches, which in turn require soul sand or soul soil from the Nether, plus iron nuggets. This makes them slightly more challenging to obtain early on.
  • Light Level: Soul lanterns emit a light level of 10, lower than regular lanterns but still sufficient to prevent most mob spawns in their immediate vicinity. Their dimmer light is perfect for creating atmospheric or spooky environments.
  • Usage: Soul lanterns are excellent for thematic builds, such as haunted houses, mystical gardens, or any setting where a mysterious or eerie ambiance is desired. Like regular lanterns, they can be placed on surfaces or hung to complement your design theme.

Enhanced Lanterns with Optifine and Shaders:

Enhanced Lanterns with Optifine and Shaders:-apkafe

For players looking to further enhance the visual appeal of lanterns in Minecraft, using Optifine with shaders can significantly improve the appearance of both regular and soul lanterns. Shaders add realistic lighting effects, shadows, and glowing animations, making the lanterns’ light more dynamic and visually striking. While Optifine and shaders primarily affect the game’s aesthetics, they can transform how lanterns illuminate and influence the atmosphere of your Minecraft world.

Crafting the Minecraft Lantern

Crafting a Regular Lantern:

Materials Needed:

  • 8 Iron Nuggets
  • 1 Torch


Crafting a Regular Lantern-apkafe

  • Obtain Iron Nuggets:
    • Mine iron ore with a stone pickaxe (or better).
    • Smelt the iron ore in a furnace to get iron ingots.
    • Place an iron ingot anywhere in the crafting grid to convert it into 9 iron nuggets.
  • Craft a Torch:
    • Combine 1 Stick with 1 piece of Coal or Charcoal in the crafting grid.
  • Craft the Lantern:
    • Open your Crafting Table.
    • Place the torch in the center slot of the crafting grid.
    • Surround the torch with iron nuggets, filling all the slots around the torch (top, bottom, left, right, and diagonals).
    • The lantern will now appear as a craftable item. Move it to your inventory.

Crafting a Soul Lantern:

Materials Needed:

  • 8 Iron Nuggets
  • 1 Soul Torch

Steps to Craft a Soul Torch:

crafting soul lantern-apkafe

  • Obtain Soul Sand or Soul Soil:
    • Venture into the Nether and collect soul sand or soul soil.
  • Craft the Soul Torch:
    • Combine 1 Stick, 1 piece of Coal or Charcoal, and 1 Soul Sand or Soul Soil in the crafting grid to make a Soul Torch.

Craft the Soul Lantern:

  • Open your Crafting Table.
  • Place the Soul Torch in the center slot of the crafting grid.
  • Surround the Soul Torch with iron nuggets, filling all the slots around the torch.
  • The Soul Lantern will appear as a craftable item. Move it to your inventory.

Primary Uses for Lanterns

Light Source: Lanterns provide a higher level of light compared to torches, with a light level of 15 for regular lanterns and 10 for soul lanterns. This makes them effective at lighting up areas to prevent hostile mob spawns and enhancing visibility.

Decorative Element: The unique design of lanterns, whether the standard or soul variant, adds a decorative touch to builds. They can complement various architectural styles, from medieval to modern, and everything in between.

Atmospheric Lighting: Regular lanterns emit a warm, inviting light, perfect for cozy homes, towns, and pathways. In contrast, soul lanterns cast a cooler, eerie glow, ideal for creating spooky or mystical themes in areas like dungeons, haunted houses, or Nether portals.

Safety in Exploration: Carrying lanterns or placing them in newly explored areas can help mark safe paths and locations, reducing the likelihood of getting lost in caves, forests, or the Nether.

Mob Control: Strategic placement of lanterns around bases, gardens, or farms can prevent unwanted mob spawns, protecting players and their creations without the need for unsightly torch grids.

Underwater Lighting: While not waterproof like sea lanterns, regular and soul lanterns can be used creatively around water features. Placed on blocks just above water, they illuminate underwater builds and docks without being submerged.

Hanging Lights: Lanterns can be hung from ceilings, trees, or archways using chains, providing elevated light sources that free up ground or wall space, perfect for detailed interior and landscape designs.

Pathway Markers: Along roads or through gardens, lanterns serve as elegant pathway markers, guiding players while offering a pleasing aesthetic that torches may not provide.

Signaling and Marking: In multiplayer settings, different colored lanterns (via resource packs or shaders) or their placement can signal specific areas, resources, or warnings to other players.

Event Decorations: For special occasions or themed events in-game, lanterns can be used to create festive or atmospheric settings that enhance the player experience during holidays or server events.

Blocks and Items Emitting a Similar Level of Light

Blocks and Items Emitting a Similar Level of Light-apkafe

Blocks Emitting Light Level 15

  • Beacon: Besides serving as a unique resource for receiving buffs, beacons also emit the maximum light level.
  • End Gateway Block: Found in the End, this block emits a full light level but is not typically used for general lighting due to its specific function.
  • End Portal Block: Similar to the End Gateway Block, it emits maximum light and serves a special purpose.
  • Fire: Whether it’s from burning netherrack or wood, fire provides maximum light but is not safe for all applications due to its ability to spread.
  • Glowstone: A common choice for high-level lighting found in the Nether. It’s versatile for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.
  • Jack o’Lantern: A festive light source that combines the utility of a torch with the aesthetics of a carved pumpkin.
  • Lava: Both lava blocks and flowing lava emit maximum light, but they come with the risk of fire and player damage.
  • Sea Lantern: A water-friendly light source that provides maximum illumination and is great for underwater builds.
  • Shroomlight: Found in the Nether, shroomlights offer a natural, organic look while emitting maximum light.

Blocks Emitting Light Level 14

  • Conduit: Provides a high level of light along with special underwater buffs, making it ideal for underwater bases.
  • Lit Campfire: Emits a cozy light and can cook food, but its smoke particles and size make it less versatile for all types of builds.

Other Notable Light Sources

  • Torch: Emits a light level of 14, slightly less than a lantern but is a staple in early-game lighting.
  • Redstone Lamp: Emits light level 15 when activated and can be used in lighting designs that require on/off functionality.

Special Mention: Candles

  • Candles: When grouped together, four candles emit a light level of 12, offering a different aesthetic and lower light level for mood lighting or decorative purposes


Q1: Can I take a lantern from one village and use it in another?

A1: Yes, you can remove lanterns from one location and place them wherever you like. Just be mindful that removing light sources from villages can increase the risk of hostile mob spawns, potentially endangering the villagers.

Q2: Can I make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

A2: As of the last update in April 2023, Minecraft does not support colored lanterns in the game’s vanilla version. However, various mods and resource packs available for Minecraft can add colored lanterns and other decorative items to the game.

Q3: Is it better to craft lanterns or find them?

A3: It depends on your current situation and resources. Crafting lanterns can be more straightforward if you have the necessary materials, as it doesn’t require you to explore potentially dangerous locations. However, finding lanterns through exploration can be resource-efficient and add an element of adventure to your gameplay.

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Crafting lanterns in Minecraft is a straightforward process that yields significant rewards in both aesthetics and functionality. Whether you opt for the inviting light of a standard lantern or the mysterious glow of a soul lantern, these lighting options are indispensable for any Minecraft architect. Elevate your builds and protect your space with the strategic placement of these charming light sources.

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