Get ready for a one-of-a-kind simulation experience with Supermarket Simulator. In this game, players take on the role of a supermarket manager, tasked with everything from stocking shelves to managing finances. With realistic gameplay mechanics and immersive features, Supermarket Simulator offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages.


Thrills of Managing Your Own Supermarket in Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator APK is a realistic simulation game that puts you in charge of managing your own supermarket. Dive into the intricacies of stocking shelves, cashiering, processing online orders, and designing the layout of your store in this immersive first-person experience.

More specifically, in Supermarket Simulator APK, players step into the shoes of a supermarket manager, responsible for every aspect of running a successful store. From designing the layout to stocking shelves and serving customers, players must navigate the challenges of the retail world to build their supermarket empire.


The system requirements

Minimum configuration:

    • Operating System: Android
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050 / AMD R9 270X
    • Storage: 5GB free space


Gameplay Mechanics

Players begin by designing their store, optimizing for efficiency and aesthetics. They must strategically place products, manage inventory, and ensure a smooth shopping experience for customers. As the game progresses, players will need to order stock, scan items, process payments, and navigate real-time market dynamics to maximize profits.

Inventory Management: Order stock using an in-game computer and carefully unpack and organize goods in your storage room. Place products on shelves, fridges, and freezers to attract customers and maximize sales. With rich and diverse goods to choose from, you’ll have the freedom to create a supermarket that meets the needs of your customers.

Cashier Duties: As a cashier in Supermarket Simulator APK, you’ll scan product barcodes, process cash, and card transactions, and ensure customers leave satisfied with their shopping experience. Quick and accurate payment processing is key to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

Market Dynamics: Navigate real-time market fluctuations as you negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices and determine selling prices to maximize profits. Balancing consumer benefits and supermarket profits is essential for maintaining sustainable growth and success.

Loan Management: Start your supermarket business with a loan from a city gangster and ensure timely repayment to avoid consequences. Managing finances and repaying loans are crucial aspects of gameplay that will test your strategic skills.

Online Orders and Expansion: Receive orders placed online via a personal computer, prepare and package each order accurately, and ensure timely delivery to customers. As your supermarket becomes profitable, consider reinvesting in expanding the store, upgrading furniture, and attracting more shoppers.

Consequences and Decision-Making: Every decision you make in Supermarket Simulator APK has consequences that affect customer satisfaction, financial stability, and relations with the Mafia. Balancing various factors is key to growing your supermarket business and achieving success.


Key Features

  • Design your own supermarket layout, balancing efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Manage inventory and ensure goods are always abundant in the store.
  • Scan product barcodes, process cash or card transactions, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Control the market in real time, negotiating with suppliers and setting prices.
  • Navigate loan management with a city gangster, ensuring timely repayments to avoid consequences.
  • Receive and process online orders, preparing and packaging them for delivery.
  • Expand and upgrade your supermarket as it becomes profitable, attracting more customers and increasing revenue.


How to Download Supermarket Simulator APK on Mobile

Below is the detailed guide on how to download Supermarket Simulator on your mobile device:

  • First, simply visit the Apkafe site and search for “Supermarket Simulator.”
  • Then, click on the download button to install the game on your device for free.
  • Once downloaded, you can start playing and experience the thrill of managing your own supermarket anytime, anywhere.



What platforms is Supermarket Simulator APK available on?

Supermarket Simulator APK is available for Android devices. Players can download the game from the Google Play Store.


What is the objective of Supermarket Simulator APK?

The objective of Supermarket Simulator APK is to successfully manage and grow your own supermarket business. Players must make strategic decisions to optimize store layout, manage inventory, handle cash transactions, and expand their store over time.


Is Supermarket Simulator APK free to play?

Yes, Supermarket Simulator APK is available as a free download on the Google Play Store. However, it may contain in-app purchases for additional features or content.


How often is Supermarket Simulator APK updated?

Updates for Supermarket Simulator APK may vary depending on developer releases and bug fixes. Players are encouraged to check the Google Play Store regularly for updates and new features.


Is there multiplayer or online gameplay in Supermarket Simulator APK?

Supermarket Simulator APK mainly focuses on single-player gameplay. However, players can interact with online features such as processing online orders and managing market dynamics.



Supermarket Simulator offers a realistic and immersive supermarket management experience for players of all ages. With its detailed gameplay mechanics, strategic decision-making, and immersive features, the game provides hours of entertainment and challenges.


Download for free and embark on your journey to build the ultimate supermarket empire today! Dive into the world of retail management and experience the thrill of running your own supermarket.


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