Life Gallery offers an experience of traveling in the deep world with quite scary psychological feelings. Everything in this game looks unusual, abstract and complex. Life Gallery is an abstract, horror and very thought-provoking game. This is the first project of studio 751Games in Taiwan. The game has a horror puzzle style with specific messages sent to players. This game has received many excellent game awards in 2019.
About Life Gallery- Life Gallery
All sections of Life Gallery are followed by illustrations and all puzzles and solutions in this game are included in these drawings, so great patience, meticulousness and care are required. Be careful to uncover the hidden puzzles behind the game.

The plot

Basically, the game revolves around twins who are born into a family of loneliness, inequality, regret, guilt and fear. Fate has led them on a path towards a secret cult. The hide is made up of fish-headed weirdos.What you see in the game are hellish images, such as raw fishes, scary moths, babies being skinned and kids eating enlarged human body parts, etc.
The plot- Life Gallery
The game is currently available for purchase on Steam, App Store, and Google Play. You can directly access and download the game to experience!
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Final words

All in all, Life Gallery is a completely different and new game in the style of puzzle game. The game plays quite quickly, if you focus on the game for about 3-4 hours, the game will be completed. However, the advice is that you should not play this game when stressed or you will feel really depressed. If you are looking for something quirky and creepy, Life Gallery is all for you!


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