MelanCholianna APK is an extremely attractive adventure game on the mobile platform. The game has many fun elements with a lot of drama, sometimes even giving players moments of breathlessness because of too much suspense. Let’s dig deeper into this game!

About MelanCholianna APK

Developed by Zigzagz Pro, MelanCholianna APK is an adventure game, about overcoming pitfalls and challenges in an ancient castle. The game offers players unique experiences that combine elements of deep entertainment and puzzle gameplay to create truly immersive experiences.
About MelanCholianna APK- MelanCholianna
Besides, amazing graphics, vivid sounds, and addictive gameplay also make this game worth playing. MelanCholianna Mobile takes players on a journey of adventure and escape of Lianna from an ancient castle full of dangerous monsters accompanied by unexpected new discoveries. Lianna is a princess taken by monsters, she is locked in an abandoned castle. Surrounded by dangerous traps and fierce mutant monsters.
About MelanCholianna APK- MelanCholianna

The gameplay

The player controls the main character through many different environments, each with its own challenges and obstacles, sometimes even extremely dangerous pitfalls. The game is divided into many levels with many different levels so that you can pass each of them. Players must use their judgment to find clues that lead Lianna to the next level, as well as various tools to solve puzzles and defeat the monsters attached to overcome challenges.
The gameplay- MelanCholianna

How to download MelanCholianna APK for free on mobile

Step 1: Access this link to download Moe! Ninja Girls /Sexy School for free Step 2: Click Download Step 3: Wait for the game to be installed completely on your device Step 4: Open the game’s icon and start playing!

To conclude

MelanCholianna is a unique and immersive game that combines adventure and puzzle gameplay. If you are a lover of adventure, and puzzles or just looking for something new for entertainment, then downloading its latest version will definitely be a great choice.


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