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Product Description

Netflix is the world’s leading app for watching TV shows and films on smartphones. Wherever you are, it always gives you the best and most impressive experience. It is gratifying that Netflix is now available in more than 130 countries. Even better, this app is constantly purchasing the rights of popular TV shows and of all movies is seen in the theatre as soon as they are released. 

The reasons why you should use Netflix 

+ This is a legitimate application so you will always be assured of the copyright issues when you are using it. 

+ There are hundreds of thousands of good movies, TV shows, live streams, etc. found here, with a very fast update speed, almost immediately. 

+ Video quality is very high. All videos, movies, TV shows are made a purchase of by Netflix directly from the manufacturers, so what you see on this application is always the best movies. 

+ Simple, clear, and easy to use interface. Popular and in favor of videos with the most views will be displayed on the homepage. The list of video categories is clearly classified. The smart search function may suggest you with the keyword. So, you will quickly find the video that you really want to see. 

+ You can choose to watch the video online or you can download the video for later viewing offline. 

+ Control effectively how a young person uses this application. When your family has children, please turn on the limited feature of videos above 13+; 16+; 18+. When you do this, videos of this type will not appear on your account so your children will not have to watch the videos that are not suitable for them. 

Instructions for installation and use Netflix APK 

Download Netflix at the link at the top of this article and proceed with the installation as usual. 

Netflix packages include: 

+ Premium has Ultra HD: $11.99. 

+ Standard has HD: $8.99. 

+ Basic without HD: $7.99. 

Fortunately, Netflix is just now free of charge with one month for the new accounts. 

  1. How to register for the Netflix

Open Netflix> select Start Your Free Month to get one month free. Then enter the registration information including your email and the password. After that, you confirm the registration terms, login, and start using. 

  1. How to add movies to a Netflix Queue

To add movies to a Netflix queue, you need the support of a third application called Movies by Flixter. This is an application that can import the introduction, the trailer, and the information about films from sites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, etc. In addition, it can manage your Netflix Queue. You can refer to the details on how to use it here: 

  1. How to watch Netflix as offline

To watch videos offline on Netflix, the only way is to download the video to your phone. Here is how to download: 

+ You must update the Netflix application to the latest version. 

+ Select the download quality by accessing Settings, take the download section below, and then choose the download quality is High or Standard. 

+ Select content to download. Not all videos on Netflix are downloadable. Therefore, this application has separately compiled a category containing videos that allow you to download as “Available for download.” Just click on this category, select the video you want to download, then click the download button, wait for the download to complete and enjoy the video. 

  1. How to use the Netflix Codes

At Netflix, because of a national or age limitation, there are several movie categories hidden for some groups. Normally, to display these categories, you need to enter “codes.” Below is a list of codes with hidden movie categories: 

If you use Netflix on a PC, you have one more way to view these hidden categories. It is installing the Extension: 

  1. How to cancel the Netflix

Maybe because of the insufficient financial reasons or any other reason that you want to cancel Netflix, you need to follow these steps: 

+ Access the Netflix application. 

+ Click on Account to access your account management. 

+ Click on Cancel Membership. 

+ Continue to click on Finish Cancellation. 

I hope you had excitement and meaningful moments with this great Netflix app. 



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