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Android 4.1+


Product Description

Subway Surfers is an “endless runner” style action game. You will have to run very fast to overcome obstacles. You help naughty girls and boys like Jake, Tricky, and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. At the same time, you should collect as many items as possible along the way to increase your strength and enrich yourself. 

The instructions on how to download the Subway Surfers APK on the Apkafe

You need to click on the link above the article. Subway Surfers is currently available on all operating systems. You can choose the operating system that suits your usage needs, such as iOS, Android, or Microsoft. After that, you proceed to install and use it as usual. 

The main features of the Subway Surfers game

  • Pass the railroads with a group of funny friends.
  • Thecolourful and vivid 3D graphics. 
  • Slide on the beautiful boards.
  • Freedrawing on train cars. 
  • Swipe operation is swift and effective.
  • Overcome challenges and support friends who are playing with you.

The advantages

  • Thisgame is very light and runs smoothly on most devices. 
  • Theaddictive gameplay with eye-catching graphics. 
  • Thereare regular monthly updates, including New Skis, New Map, New Characters, and Bug Fixes. 
  • Variousitems and characters. 

The defects 

  • Easy to play but challenging to master.
  • Manyitems are quite expensive. They require players to accumulate vast amounts of gold if they want to purchase items for their characters. 
  • Thegame is fast so that it will be a bit difficult for beginners. 

How to play the Subway Surfer app to achieve high scores

  1. Take advantage of the Save Me

If you have gone a long way, you should take advantage of the “Save Me” function. The reason is that after you finish and you start the new game, you still get the same points and gold coins. The number of keys required for you to use Save Me will increase and depend on the number of times that you play. 

Take advantage of the Save Me   

  1. Collect theJetparkmissiles and gold suction magnets 

Sometimes, you need to skip the gold coins to collect Jetpark and magnets. Jetpark will help you speed up to the maximum level. Magnets will help you get a lot of money at a specific time. 

Collect theJetparkmissiles and gold suction magnets 

Collect theJetparkmissiles and gold suction magnets 


  1. Collect as many stars as possible

Stars will help you multiply your score by two, three, four times, even 30 times, depending on your ability to run on the tracks. 

Collect as many stars as possible

  1. Buy the green energy bottles and the blue stars

Once you have earned a decent amount of money, you can buy green energy bottles and blue stars. It will help you multiply your score by 30 times more than usual. 

  1. Buy the super speed skis

Super speed skis will improve your surfing speed up to Max level. The combination of using green energy bottles and using blue stars will help you get an impressive high score. 

The review of the Subway Surfers APK game

Overall, Subway Surfers is an excellent game for you. It is thoroughly focused on unique graphics, lively sounds, and unique boosters. It is a trait that makes it different from other games of the same genre. What are you waiting for without immediately clicking on the link above of Apkafe and downloading Subway Surfers to play? 


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