Want to catch up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Korean drama and Japanese anime? Find the best app to watch free TV shows and movies on Apkafe, no matter what your tastes, you can be sure to find something that will suit you in our extensive collection.

Did you know that on average around 600 movies are made in the US every year – and that the total number of Hollywood films produced is close to 50,000 in total – and that’s only about a third of the movies made globally. The world of cinema is now huge, with Bollywood musicals, action-packed Kong Kong cinema, Japanese horrors, Korean dramas and French arthouse films to name but a few of the popular categories.

Now you know that you can’t find all of that at your local cinema, so how oh how can you go about making movie night more interesting?

Best Movie Apps Free on Apkafe

Find all of the best movies on our movie apps – we have a massive selection of genre-specific apps as well as all-encompassing mega movie libraries like Netflix. If you want to see all of the best (and worst) horror films and comedy classic then have a look at PopcornFlix – the streaming app, owned by Screen Media Ventures, is completely legal and even has its own PopcornFlix Original productions.

If you’re more into Japanese anime and edgy documentaries then have a look at Viewster. The free app has an epic collection of all the best and weirdest content around, including their own interest-specific documentaries. Alternatively, look into SnagFilms with its massive collection of indie movies and Hollywood classics from decades past.

If you’re not so much looking for an app to watch TV shows or movies on, but rather want an all-encompassing software to watch things from all corners of the web, then we recommend you look at Kodi and Showbox. These apps have a well put-together interface and allow you to use add-ons to gather as much video content as you want from sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, National Geographic, movie streaming sites like Netflix and more and can be connected to pretty much any device, including your TV.

The Ultimate Home Entertainment on the Go

Why be restricted to watching TV when you’re on the sofa? With our fantastic movie apps, you can watch TV while you’re on the go – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
From now on you can have access to all the best flix – whether it be the latest cinema blockbusters, indie classics or obscure how-to documentaries and everything in-between. Don’t limit yourself to cable, don’t even limit yourself to just Netflix. Get every movie ever uploaded onto the internet in the palm of your hand by mix and matching between different movie apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Quit reading this description and start looking through our massive collection to find your ideal app to watch TV on free, right now. You can find tutorials on how to use each app once you’ve clicked download, so don’t worry about getting stuck. Enjoy!