Best vintage camera apps for retro-lovers

Film photography gives photos a nostalgic look. The color of the image that the film camera and the process of image processing also offer people an exciting feeling. However, many people have difficulty taking pictures with film cameras due to some problems, such as film burning or film tearing. This is when camera apps with film color effects on phones show their great ability. In the following article, let’s explore the best vintage mobile camera apps!

Top super beautiful vintage camera apps

Huji Cam

The Huji Cam is a faithful reproduction of a disposable film camera from 1998 with the date indicated on the image. The application’s film simulation is quite realistic with light leak effects and color fringing reminiscent of a roll of ISO 400 film. Users can adjust the date format instead of the 1998s in default settings. Some other features include enabling or disabling light leaks, choosing image quality, and shooting with the front camera.

Huji Cam-Best vintage camera apps for retro-lovers

The free version of Huji Cam has only one camera of which users can only take photos directly. The app does not allow photos to be uploaded for color editing or reprocessing without in-app purchases.


Impressive film color, true photography experience with a small lens limit, and no focus or exposure function, all of that will make you love film photography with Gudak. Gudak actually limits what users can do with a strict set of rules; specifically, the app allows shooting with virtual reels of film and the user gets 24 shots per reel. When completing a reel, the user has to wait 1 hour before being able to load another one and start shooting again. To view the captured image, tap the Develop button and wait 3 days.

Gudak-Best vintage camera apps for retro-lovers

In this way, Gudak brings out the element of surprise of vintage cameras. The developers even prevent users from changing the date and time on the device to collect photos faster.


FIMO is a retro film roll camera app that uses a material-like design, from the outside frame of the camera, split the image to get the picture frame, the shape of the film roll, how to change the film roll, set the time, and even the sound of the shutter, giving the camera’s perception of every detail of the camera’s true-to-life movies.

Fimo-Best vintage camera apps for retro-lovers

This vintage camera app comes with a viewfinder, a shutter button, and a switch to toggle the flash. In addition, people can also choose the film color they want to use. Some free film options include Ilford PAN 100, Lomography LM100, and Fujicolor ISO400,…


NOMO allows users to choose from a variety of 35mm cameras, point-and-shoot live photos, or use presets to process images from the gallery. Fujifilm and Polaroid disposable cameras are the most popular options.

Nomo-Best vintage camera apps for retro-lovers

For vibrant, colorful photos, everyone should choose Fujifilm, with noise effects, light leaks, and timestamps to create a classic effect. NOMO offers a true Polaroid shooting experience when it requires users to shake the phone to speed up image processing.

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