Instructions for playing the basic LOL Mobile games

Everyone feels shocked when they first entered the world of LOL game. This game has so many things for you to make decisions. You will not know which general to choose, which way to go, as well as when to use additional gems to enhance your strength. But as long as you play it for a while, study the basics, and learn from experience from other players, you’ll quickly improve your tactics to play this game. To help you get used to it quickly, here are basic instruction on how to play LOL Mobile games.

Tip to play LOL Mobile – The role of the generals

Up to now, the game League of Legends has 126 generals. Each general has its unique strengths according to different criteria. For beginners, it will be challenging to choose a suitable one. Therefore, you need to learn the role of the generals carefully to use them effectively:

Gladiators (Bruiser/Fighter):

  • It has a large amount of blood, severe damage, mostly melee general except Urgot, Vladimir, and Jayce.
  • Gladiators are always looking for ways to penetrate deep into combat to drain the blood of essential enemy generals.
  • Has the ability to fend off the enemy attacks on the team or support the leading generals.
  • The gladiator generals that are suitable for beginners include Nunu, Mundo, Malphite.
Gladiators (Bruiser/Fighter)- Instructions for playing the basic LOL Mobile games

2. Mage in the middle of the road (Mage/AP Carry

  • The priority for magicians is to go in the middle, so they can level up as fast as possible and get blue charms.
  • Ability to inflict thousands of magic damages on one or more targets.
  • The magician generals suitable for beginners are Annie, Ryze.

3. Assassin (Assassin)

  • Assassin generals are divided into two categories: Magic Assassin and Physical Assassin.
  • Possesses the skill of shortening the distance with the enemy or invisibility.
  • Quickly destroy the weak general with significant damage.
  • The assassin generals suitable for new players include Evelynn, Katarina, Xin Zhao.
Assassin (Assassin)- Instructions for playing the basic LOL Mobile games

Principal physical generals (AD Carry)

  • Possesses skills that increase damage and attack speed.
  • These generals are very fragile and easy to die.
  • Decisive at the end of the game and often need to farm and protect at the beginning.
  • The leading physics generals suitable for new players are Ashe, Sivir.

5. Support generals (Support)

  • Possesses recovery skills, creates shields, increases damage, and speed for allies.
  • Very rarely depends on the equipment.
  • The support generals suitable for new players include Soraka, Sona.

6. The jungle generals (Jungler)

  • Possesses a skill to move monsters quickly, able to recover when farming the jungle.
  • Infiltrate enemy forests and harass the enemy “Junglers.”
  • The jungle generals suitable for new players are Warwick, Sejuani, Fiddlestick.

7. Fend off the blow (Tanker)

  • Has a large amount of blood, armor, and magic resistance are high.
  • Usually goes to the forefront of the combat.
  • There is always a compelling way to harass enemies.
  • The tanker generals suitable for new players include Alistar, Amumu.
Fend off the blow (Tanker)- Instructions for playing the basic LOL Mobile games

Tip to play LOL Mobile-Perform tasks of new players

When you first play, you need to complete the requirements for new players to receive a reward of 900 IP points, and these points will be used to buy generals, gems, etc. Moreover, you will receive a prize of generals, and King Rammus’ skin worth 3,150 IP points.

Practice with the computer:

First, you need to complete the two Basic Tutorials and Exercises in the Fighting section -> Instructions. After that, go to Play with Computer, select New Play/Easy mode to practice for more familiar. Training with computers will help you master the necessary skills and prepare for real battles later.

Familiarize yourself with the locations:

If you master the positions on the map, you will easily control your troops to fight properly:

  • Top lane: For Tankers, Gladiators, or a small number of Assassins, Gunners.
  • Mid lane: Mostly Mages or Assassins.
  • Bottom lane: Usually divided between both players as Gunner and Support.
  • Jungle: More diverse with the Tankers, Supports, and the Gladiators.

Identify important goals:

The first important goal is the pillar because when successfully breaking it, the team will get 750 gold, and the opponent will lose their vision. You should try to break from one to two turrets of the enemy successfully.

The next target is a dragon because it will give you a gold of 950 gold. Next, you need to break the house or eat the Baron charm to own 1,500 gold. Baron is also used as a medicine to increase energy and give other combats an advantage.

Learn about complementary pearls:

You must be clear about which additional gems include? And what strength does it give you when you use it? On that basis, you can apply effectively in the match. And complementary pearls are divided into the following two categories:

Runes Pearls for AD generals:

  • Red: 8 physical armors.
  • Gold: 9 physical shields.
  • Green: 9 magic resists.
  • Purple: 3 armor penetrations.

Runes Pearls for AP generals:

  • Red: 9 resist penetrations.
  • Gold: 9 physical armors.
  • Green: 9 magic resists.
  • Purple: 3 magic stronger.

Hopefully, the article of how to play LOL Mobile game above will help you easily integrate into the world of the game.

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