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Are you tired of using expensive and complicated graphic design software? Do you want to unleash your creativity without breaking the bank? Look no further than SumoPaint, a free online graphic design tool that's taking the world by storm.

SumoPaint – A Free and Powerful Graphic Design Software

What is SumoPaint?

SumoPaint is a free online graphic design software that offers a range of features and tools to help you create stunning visuals. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, SumoPaint is perfect for designers, artists, and anyone looking to create professional-looking designs without the need for expensive software.

The Evolution of SumoPaint

The Humble Beginnings (2008-2010)

SumoPaint, a powerful online image editing tool, has come a long way since its inception in 2008. Founded by a team of passionate developers, the initial version of SumoPaint was a simple yet innovative online painting and drawing tool. The early days saw a steady growth in user base, with artists and designers flocking to the platform to explore its creative possibilities.

The Rise of a Powerhouse (2010-2012)

As SumoPaint gained popularity, the development team worked tirelessly to add new features and improve the user experience. This period saw the introduction of advanced tools, such as layers, filters, and effects, which further solidified SumoPaint’s position as a formidable online image editing platform. The user base continued to grow, with the community sharing their creations and providing valuable feedback to the development team.

Expansion and Innovation (2012-2015)

SumoPaint’s success led to a significant expansion of its features and capabilities. The development team introduced a range of new tools, including a vector graphics editor, a symmetry tool, and a comprehensive color management system. This period also saw the launch of SumoPaint’s mobile app, allowing users to create on-the-go. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive feature set made it an attractive option for artists, designers, and hobbyists alike.

The Cloud Era (2015-2018)

As cloud computing became increasingly prevalent, SumoPaint adapted to the changing landscape by transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure. This move enabled faster performance, improved collaboration features, and seamless access to files from anywhere. The development team also introduced a range of new features, including AI-powered tools and advanced selection options.

The Modern Era (2018-Present)

Today, SumoPaint is a powerful and versatile online image editing platform, boasting a vast user base and a wide range of features. The development team continues to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing new tools and features regularly. With its intuitive interface, extensive feature set, and collaborative capabilities, SumoPaint has established itself as a go-to platform for artists, designers, and creatives of all levels.

Features of SumoPaint

So, what makes SumoPaint so special? Here are some of its key features:



  1. Vector Graphics: SumoPaint offers a range of vector graphics tools, including shapes, paths, and text. With these tools, you can create complex designs and logos with ease.
  2. Raster Graphics: In addition to vector graphics, SumoPaint also offers raster graphics tools, including brushes, textures, and effects. These tools allow you to add depth and texture to your designs.
  3. Layers and Blending Modes: SumoPaint’s layer system makes it easy to organize and edit your designs. With multiple blending modes, you can create complex and visually stunning effects.
  4. Filters and Effects: SumoPaint offers a range of filters and effects, including blur, sharpening, and distortion. These tools allow you to add a professional touch to your designs.
  5. Collaboration Tools: SumoPaint’s collaboration tools make it easy to work with others in real-time. You can collaborate with others on designs and projects with live updates and comments.


While SumoPaint has made tremendous strides in providing a robust and user-friendly graphic design experience, it still has some limitations:

  1. Limited Advanced Features: Compared to industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop, SumoPaint lacks some advanced features, such as content-aware fill and advanced selection tools.
  2. Performance Issues: With complex designs, SumoPaint can experience performance issues, such as lag and slow rendering.
  3. Limited Customer Support: While SumoPaint offers online resources and a community forum, its customer support is limited compared to paid software providers.
  4. File Format Compatibility: SumoPaint’s file format compatibility is limited, making it difficult to work with certain file types.
  5. Steep Learning Curve: While SumoPaint is generally user-friendly, its extensive feature set can be overwhelming for beginners, requiring a significant investment of time to master.


SumoPaint is a powerful and versatile online graphic design tool that offers a range of features and benefits. While it has made significant strides in providing a robust and user-friendly experience, it still has some limitations, including limited advanced features, performance issues, limited customer support, file format compatibility issues, and a steep learning curve. Despite these limitations, SumoPaint remains a valuable tool for designers, artists, and creatives of all levels, offering a free and accessible alternative to industry-standard software.

User experience with SumoPaint 

Review from user

App Store
Google Play
Average rating
Number of reviews
12,000+ reviews
50,000+ reviews
Positive reviews
I've been using SumoPaint for a few months now, and I'm absolutely hooked! The interface is so intuitive, and the features are amazing. I've been able to create some really professional-looking designs with ease. The collaboration tools are also super useful for working with my team. 10/10 would recommend
SumoPaint has revolutionized the way I work. The vector graphics tools are so powerful, and the layer system makes it easy to organize my designs. I've been able to take my design skills to the next level with this app. Thanks, SumoPaint!
Negative reviews
I've been using SumoPaint for a while, but I've started to notice some performance issues. The app can be slow to render, and sometimes it crashes on me. I hope the developers can fix these issues soon!
I love SumoPaint, but I wish it had more advanced features like content-aware fill and advanced selection tools. It's still a great app, but it's not quite on par with Adobe Photoshop. Maybe one day?


Based on the comments provided by users on both the App Store and Google Play regarding the SumoPaint app, we can draw the following insights:

  1. Ease of Use: Many users have praised SumoPaint for its intuitive interface and ease of use, making it accessible to designers of all levels.
  2. Powerful Features: Users have appreciated the app’s powerful features, such as vector graphics tools, layer systems, and collaboration tools, which have helped them to create professional-looking designs.
  3. Performance Issues: Some users have reported performance issues, such as slow rendering and crashes, which can be frustrating and affect their overall experience.
  4. Limited Advanced Features: A few users have expressed their desire for more advanced features, such as content-aware fill and advanced selection tools, to bring SumoPaint on par with industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop.

These insights can help the SumoPaint development team to prioritize their efforts, focusing on improving performance, adding advanced features, and maintaining the app’s ease of use and powerful feature set.



My Experience with SumoPaint

  • The good: SumoPaint is a versatile and feature-rich photo editing app that offers a wide range of tools and effects to enhance and manipulate images. I appreciate the variety of brushes, filters, and adjustments available, as well as the easy-to-use interface. The app also allows for layering and blending modes, which gives users more flexibility in their editing process.
  • The not-so-good: One downside of SumoPaint is that some of the more advanced features are only available in the Pro version, which requires a subscription fee. Additionally, I found the app to be a bit slow at times, especially when working with larger files or applying multiple effects.
  • Overall impression: Overall, I have had a positive experience using SumoPaint for photo editing. It has helped me easily enhance my photos and create unique artwork. The range of tools and effects available make it a versatile option for both beginners and more experienced users.
  • Would I recommend it: I would recommend SumoPaint to anyone looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly photo editing app. While there are some limitations with the free version, the Pro version offers even more features and is worth considering for those who require more advanced tools.

Instruction for using SumoPaint

What can you use SumoPaint for? Here are some ideas:

  • Graphic Design: SumoPaint is perfect for creating logos, icons, and other graphic design elements.
  • Digital Art: With its range of brushes and effects, SumoPaint is ideal for creating digital art and illustrations.
  • Web Design: SumoPaint’s collaboration tools make it perfect for web design projects, allowing you to work with others in real time.
  • Social Media Graphics: SumoPaint’s ease of use and robust functionality make it perfect for creating social media graphics and visuals.
  • Education: SumoPaint is a great tool for educational institutions, allowing students to learn graphic design and digital art without the need for expensive software.

Getting Started with SumoPaint

  • Sign Up: Head to the SumoPaint website and sign up for a free account.
  • Choose a Template: SumoPaint offers a range of templates to get you started. Choose one that suits your needs and start designing.
  • Experiment with Tools: SumoPaint’s tools and features are intuitive and easy to use. Experiment with different tools and techniques to get the most out of the software.
  • Save and Share: Once you’ve created your design, save it and share it with others. SumoPaint makes it easy to export your designs in a range of formats.

SumoPaint, Dazz Cam, or Afterlight? 

Comparison Table

Dazz cam
Free (optional in-app purchases)
Free (optional in-app purchases)
Free Trial
Editing tool
Vector graphics, layers, effects
Basic editing tools (crop, rotate, adjust)
Advanced editing tools (curves, selective editing)
Photo Filters
Limited filters, but customizable
100+ filters, including AI-powered ones
150+ filters, including film-inspired ones
Intuitive, user-friendly
Simple, easy-to-navigate
Clean, modern design
Can be slow with complex designs
Fast and responsive
Fast and efficient
Supported Formats
Active community, tutorials, and resources
Limited community, mostly social media
Large community, tutorials, and resources
Customer Support
Online resources, community forum
Limited support, mostly social media
Email support, online resources

Based on the comparison table, here are some tips for each user group:


  • If you’re new to photo editing, start with SumoPaint. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to learn and use.
  • Dazz Cam is also a great option for beginners, with its straightforward interface.


  • If you’re a professional photographer or designer, Afterlight may be the best choice for you. Its advanced editing tools and features provide more control and precision.
  • SumoPaint is also a good option for professionals, with its powerful editing tools and collaboration features.

Casual Users

  • If you’re just looking for a fun and easy way to edit your photos, Dazz Cam is a great choice. Its filters and effects are easy to use and can add a lot of creativity to your photos.
  • Afterlight is also a good option for casual users, with its simple and intuitive interface.


  • If you need to collaborate with others on photo editing projects, SumoPaint is the way to go. Its real-time collaboration features make it easy to work with others.

Those on a Budget

  • If you’re on a tight budget, SumoPaint and Dazz Cam are both free to use, with optional in-app purchases.
  • Afterlight offers a free trial, but its full features require a subscription.

Those Who Value Community

  • If you’re looking for a community of users to connect with and learn from, SumoPaint has a large and active community of users.
  • Afterlight also has a community of users, although it’s not as large as SumoPaint’s.

Those Who Need Advanced Features

  • If you need advanced features like content-aware fill and advanced selection tools, Afterlight is the best choice.
  • SumoPaint also offers advanced features, although they may not be as extensive as Afterlight’s.


SumoPaint is a powerful and versatile graphic design tool that’s perfect for designers, artists, and anyone looking to unleash their creativity. With its range of features, benefits, and uses, SumoPaint is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create stunning visuals without breaking the bank. So why not give it a try? Sign up for a free account today and start unlocking your creativity with SumoPaint.


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