If you’re a fan of the type of survival game with simple yet attractive gameplay, then 60 Seconds! is absolutely right for you. A gloomy color will surround you from the start, and then, every decision you make must be carefully calculated as it is not only related to your life but also to your loved ones. Let’s see what you can do within sixty seconds!

About 60 Seconds!

Developed by Gentleman Robot, 60 Seconds! is a survival-adventure game that combines fantasy world simulation. Players need to survive in their new shelter in dangerous nuclear war, along with making tough decisions to find, hunt and manage food.

True to its name, the game is quite limited in terms of time. You will only have sixty seconds to make a decision, then collect the necessary items, and rescue your family from the weapon attack.

The company released 60 seconds! Reatomized as a new version of the original game, with 4K support, new graphics, and an improved user interface system. The Reactomized version also includes new content, new interactions, and new events. There is a challenge mode in which you will be given certain parameters and must try to survive using your apocalyptic skills.

The plot

Set in the 1950s, when the residents of the peaceful suburbs are suddenly faced with a terrible nightmare: A misguided nuclear weapon will fall directly on their neighborhood in 60 seconds. Ted and his family are trapped in the bunker. He and other members have to find a way to survive this terrible nuclear war.

The gameplay

The gameplay- 60 Seconds! - What if you only had sixty seconds to live

You will transform into a member of a family of four, including father Ted, his wife Dodores, daughter Mary Jane, and youngest son Timmy. In addition, your family also has a Pancake dog and a Sharikov cat. You will have to survive the nuclear disaster.

Within 60 seconds you have to get as many necessities as you can. If you like, you can save the family members you want to save. Survive as long as possible with the supplies and members collected until the army comes to the rescue. You just need to let the character you embody survive to meet the requirements. However if you want to increase the difficulty can keep the members alive until the army arrives.

During the course of the game many situations will occur. The player’s task is to make the most informed decision to collect more necessities or avoid the members losing their lives. A wrong decision can have dire consequences. So there will be many different endings. It all depends on you!

Game modes

Game modes- 60 Seconds! - What if you only had sixty seconds to live

In 60 Seconds!, players will choose between four game modes: Atomic Drill, Apocalypse, Scavenge, and Survival. All four of these modes are easy to play and share the same goal: pick things up and survive.

  • Atomic Drill is a training mode for beginners. With a tutorial that lasts about half an hour, players will imagine what to pick up, how to distribute food,, and how to deal with the situation.
  • Apocalypse is the mode where players collects the desired item within 60 seconds before the nuclear disaster and must survive in the tunnel until the disaster passes.
  • Scavenge is the mode where players only pick up essentials as its purpose is simply to get used to the context of the house to know the way to get the necessary items.
  • Survival is the harshest mode because the items for survival are quite a few.

Outstanding features

Outstanding features - What if you only had sixty seconds to live

    • Attractive gameplay: A blend of fantasy, humor, and horror elements of the 50s. You will create many different endings yourself.
    • Flexible 2D and 3D graphics: In the section that collects what’s needed in the 60 seconds before disaster strikes you’ll see the look in 3D, and 2D in all the rest. The characters have fun graphics. Many items, but the layout is very scientific, not confusing the player.
    • Satisfying sound: The music is very funny. In 60 seconds of collecting necessities, the music is pounding, the sirens are loud. At the beginning of the gameplay, with every passing day, the music becomes more and more intense, showing the danger because the resources are gradually running out.

How to download 60 Seconds

How to download 60 Seconds- 60 Seconds! - What if you only had sixty seconds to live

The game is quite light, so the loading time is also very fast and does not consume your device space. Now, the game is available on Android as a paid version. To download the latest version of 60 Seconds!, click the Download link at the top of the article.

Step 1: Access the link we provide to download 60 Seconds!.

Step 2: Click Download.

Step 3: After successfully downloading, click Open.

Step 3: Click on the file and select Install to install the game. When the installation is complete, just open the game and play.


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