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9apps Inc
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Product Description

Providing opportunities for users to download Android apps and games, the 9Apps store is still a perfect replacement for Google Play Store and other app stores. 9Apps is a tool through which users can download multimedia content, such as videos, movies, ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications directly to the device. It contains thousands of the best apps that can be installed for free on your phone. After downloading this popular and free app store, you are offered a wide variety in every available category from where you can choose the desired application.


How to download 9Apps on Apkafe

The application is currently available on three operating systems IOS, Android, Microsoft. Just click on the link above to fast download 9Apps!

Searching method of 9apps

From the main interface of 9Apps, you can find the search option right below. You will find a navigation bar named Home, App, Game, Theme, Sticker, Wallpaper, Ringtone, Video; then, you will see a list of Tools, Social, Media, and Video.

Why you should use 9Apps?

There are millions of Android apps in Google Play store. The more applications, the more confused the user gets, then users often do not know what clue to choose an application. Secondly, users have no idea or suggestion about the security of an application. Some applications contain malicious viruses that may harm or affect the smooth performance of the device.

In sum, all apps available in Android 9Apps are safe for users to download.


Here are some advantages that users experience when downloading and installing 9Apps on their smartphones or Android devices. Only 1.99mb in size, the app does not affect device performance. On the other hand, it helps improve performance by truncating the capacity used by the application.

1. Many apps in one store!

2. Games, APK files, and more!


1. Help download the Android apps of your choice.

2. Games, entertainment videos, movies, etc., are all listed in the app store.

3. Provide complete security for users. 9Apps has paid special attention to data security and user privacy.

How to search on 9Apps

After downloading, you can start searching for your favorite apps and games on the 9Apps store. Various search filters are available on the store for users to search apps based on relevance or categorization. The application is categorized into entertainment, social, media, media and video, and many others.

You are free to choose the right category and find the application that best suits your needs. By selecting apps based on categories, you can have better and faster results for your search. For example, you will only find Entertainment apps under the entertainment category and News apps under the news category and etc. 9Apps  makes it easier for you when you don’t know the exact application you want to install.

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1 review for 9Apps

  1. Harry
    5 out of 5

    I recently installed this app from my web browser thinking that this is some good app, but I was extremely annoyed to find out that this app is one of the worst choices ever!

    This apps purpose is to help us download apps like what we do from Playstore but the apps are all highly virus infected .

    My phone started to hang so much after I installed this app\ on my device that I couldn’t even send a regular whatsapp message!

    I noticed that this app starts downloading lots of bloatware apps to your phone without asking us, which is extremely disgusting.

    This app made my phone a lot slower and also I started to see lots of ads all around the user interface.

    When I uninstalled this app from my device, then my device started to behave normally .

    I would say that you should use only google Playstore to download apps and not this useless app because it surely brings harm to your device and I think it may also be a risk to your privacy .

    Thanks for reading my review. I hope that helped.

    9Apps 9Apps

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