is an open-world racing simulation game, based on real physics with flexible interactivity, allowing players to do more than traditional car racing games.

About is a realistic driving game that offers almost limitless possibilities for players. Exclusive technology helps simulate every detail of the vehicle in real time, thereby reproducing realistic behavior vividly. About

The game gives you a more realistic and intuitive driving experience than ever, including intense crashes, tinged with violence. The environment and vehicles in the game are designed extremely detailed, giving players a great driving feeling like in LOTUS-Simulator or Offroad Transport Simulator.

The gameplay allows you to do everything with your racing car – such as off-road driving, delivery truck driving, etc. With high configuration machines, you can run 4 to 6 cars at the same time. Besides, players can customize the vehicle to create their own fighting machine, including repairing and upgrading the engine. You can also immerse yourself in numerous events such as police chases, stunt challenges and a variety of other mini-games.

The gameplay-

Best features

  • Realistic physical Sandbox mode
  • 19 detailed, customizable, destructible racing cars and more
  • 10 terrains to test your driving skills and reflexes
  • Regularly adding terrain, vehicles, features, gameplay and bug fixes
  • Supporting mods to create maps and vehicles, build new game scenarios
  • Using he built-in editor to create 3D models, edit photos and content
  • Only need the Internet to update the game as this is an offline racing game

Best features-

How to download on mobile

  1. Access Steam or here to download the latest version
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can launch it from your home screen and embark on the game’s world.


As an open-world driving simulation game, including all the familiar activities like delivery truck driving, speed racing or a demolition derby, along with beautiful and vivid graphics, extremely worths the experience!


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