Eversoul is a passionate product from Kakao Games. This game has a plot with the meaning of an eternal and immutable soul. After 2 years of teasing, gamers now have the opportunity to experience this RPG blockbuster on smartphones.

About Eversoul

Launched at the end of 2022 on two platforms, Android and iOS, Eversoul immediately received a large amount of attention from gamers around the world. Originally, Eversoul was named Soul Artifact, but was replaced to be closer to the meaning of the game than “eternal and immutable soul”.
About Eversoul- Eversoul - Collet Your Souls!
One of the factors that makes Eversoul stand out is the beauty of the effect effects. It must be said that the moves in this game are incredibly eye-catching, and unique. Eversoul owns a large number of characters when up to 30, divided into 5 races Human, Undead, Fairy, Angel, and Demon. Each clan will bring its own unique characteristics from appearance to skills. Therefore, the diversity of the Eversoul game is pushed up very high, you will never be bored when entering this world.

The plot

Players will enter the in-game world and learn about the Souls, which are the girls that appear throughout the game. Souls were born a long time ago from an artifact. However, all of them don’t know which artifact they were born from and don’t even remember their own name. They want to figure out who they are; but still, cannot do it on their own. Therefore, what they do is waiting for someone to save themselves. Eversoul’s context is in the land called Eden, the paradise of the Souls. Eden used to be the earth of man, but for some mysterious reason, mankind disappeared. Suddenly, a mysterious gate was opened, and from there, dozens of monsters came, ending the peace of the land of Eden. The 7 kingdoms of this land joined forces to stop the gate and the monster, but to no avail. Now, they are hoping for a savior – the player.
The plot- Eversoul - Collet Your Souls!

The gameplay

Players will play as the savior of the land of Eden, there will be Souls fighting side by side to defeat the monsters coming from the gate to close the mysterious gate. In addition to controlling the main character, who can accompany 4 Souls on the way to the labyrinth. Although there are up to 5 characters to fight, but you only need to focus on controlling the main character, the other characters will automatically fight each other. You can also activate skills to make each target move. Along with fighting, you need to be thoughtful in your steps. Every step you take affects the journey. The difficulty of the expedition also increased from there.
The gameplay- Eversoul - Collet Your Souls!

How to download Eversoul

Players can download and experience the game on their Android and iOS mobile devices. Eversoul is available for free on Google Play Store and AppStore.

Final words

Incubating for more than 2 years, KaKao Games has somewhat introduced to players a carefully invested and prepared Eversoul. Possessing a deep storyline and gameplay as well as images, Eversoul will not disappoint you.


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