Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere
Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere

Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere information

Sugoi Studio
Android 4.4+


Product Description

With Fake Novel, you can have your own pocket-sized Tsundere girlfriend you can touch, hold hands with, and date.

About Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere

Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere by Sugoi Studio allows you to find a virtual girlfriend to learn more about building a good relationship. Basically, this is a dating game combined with many interesting features developed on the mobile platform.
About Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere-Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere
Players easily approach the girls they love right from the first experience. They are all girls with beautiful appearances, typically oval faces, blond hair, or big eyes that attract many boys. After approaching the girl you like, you must show her sincerity and accept her personality. Each girl in the game has a unique personality, sometimes very childish and stubborn but also very strong, requiring players to really understand. The animation is intuitive, vivid but equally beautiful. The characters in the game are meticulously cared for in terms of appearance. In terms of sound, the girls will be voiced by professional actors. The girls’ unique voices will give you a distinct feeling through different sounds. Overall, both the visuals and the sound have contributed greatly to the success of this game so far.

The gameplay

At the beginning of your relationship, you can only talk to her and get insulted in a funny way, but then you need to talk to her, play with her, discuss anime, and roleplay. Gradually, you melt the ice in the heart of Tsundere-chan, revealing her sensual dere nature.
The gameplay-Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere


  • Colorful animation and visual effects
  • Customize your girlfriend with different cosplay outfits
  • The girl’s feelings are voiced by Japanese voice actors
  • Funny mini-games to improve her thinking about you
  • Many of the most interesting and familiar scenarios

How to download Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere

Step 1: Allow the device to install from Unknown Sources in your phone’s Settings. Step 2: Access this link to download the game. Step 3: Tap the Settings button on the main screen. Step 4: The icon of Fake Novel will appear after successful installation, touch it to play the game.
step 4-How to download Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere-Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere


Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere is extremely suitable for those who are looking for a dream girlfriend. It offers players a better overview of the relationship between a man and a woman, with a full range of emotions like real love.
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