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Following the popularity of games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds, Last Man Standing, Survivor Royale, Rules Of Survival, Unknown Royal Battle, Knive Out, etc. There is a game genre that few people know and is also present on the Mobile platform that is Free Fire: Battlegrounds.


How to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile

Garena has just introduced this game genre with the official name of Garena Free Fire. Like other survival games, players will be fighting in familiar forms like Solo, Duo, and Squad in a quantity of 50 players in a map. They will face the enemies, and the death ring is continually narrowed over time. In general, the player’s task is to fight to survive and win.

The player will be pushed to an island with the remaining 49 players and will have 40 seconds to prepare before entering the Free Fire survival battle. Because the number of players is small and the map is not too large, each game will last only about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. This forces players to use all their skills, agility and assertiveness to survive until the end of this game.

Free Fire: Guides to play

Step 1. First, after you have created your account, please log in and click Play. Next, you choose gender and name for the character.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 

Step 2. In the main Free Fire interface, you can enter Solo mode by clicking START. At that time, there will be a time to appear for you to search for opponents. You can click Cancel to remove the search for an opponent.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 1

The Team icon next to you will show you about your friends or your corps. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can select the team mode of Squad and Duo. The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 2

After selecting, click the Start button to enter the Free Fire battle. You will be given up on an island. There will be about 45 seconds countdown so you can gather enough players. Next, the plane will take gamers to the battle map.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 4The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 5

Step 3. Once you have entered the central area of this map, you will receive the parachute symbol. Then, choose to click the Jump button to exit the plane.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 6

You can use the scroll key up or down to control the falling speed. After that, move left and right to make navigation.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 8The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 33

Here, you can only distinguish how high you are by your eyes. When it reaches a certain height, you will click Open parachute icon displayed to extract the parachute.

Step 4. Grounding. Choose a location immediately for you to hide and find weapons.

Here, you can see the area has many houses arranged in the direction of many and few. The sector with many homes will have many items and weapons.

The instructions on how to play the Garena Free Fire APK on mobile 231

You can control character actions, such as lying, sitting, jumping, running, etc., using the symbol keys.

The outstanding feature of Free Fire is that even if you run continuously for a long time, your character is still healthy and not tired.

Free Fire: How to pick up the weapons

When standing near weapons and items on the ground, you will see them appear on the list to the right of the screen. You click on anything you want to collect into your backpack.

Instructions for downloading the game

You can click the link above the article to download and install the game. There are two versions, Free Fire on mobile devices (Android, iOS,Windows) and Free Fire on PC. You can experience Free Fire on PS4, too.

If you are a fan of the survival game, download the game and experience it right away!


In general, the game is similar to other survival games in gameplay. However, I found that this game really made me feel comfortable. The reasons are the items that are pre-placed on the map, the costumes and the weapons are easy to find, the controls are quite flexible and responsive, etc. Also, Free Fire updates constantly which makes players always feel new and excited.

I hope you will have fun moments with Garena Free Fire.

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3 reviews for Free Fire

  1. Kuahsuci
    5 out of 5


    Free Fire Free Fire

  2. Clark Cunningham
    5 out of 5

    I love free fire so much but when you brought in the big head game mode and clash squads mode the peaked in my opinion. I think we all want clash to be a permanent game mode with a few changes like instead of buying weapons you could make us buy classes of load outs with specific attachments or leave it as is so please Garena if you’re reading this please make clash a permanent game mode and add other weapons to it as well the good ones not the op ones and make a new Burst rifle pretty please

    Free Fire Free Fire

  3. Hiddy pance
    5 out of 5

    Love this game it gives me better experiance than pubg and this is best game i have ever played but only issue when i play clash squad and by fault i minimize game when go again in game from next time give the option to buy the gun but it small issue i hope garena will fix it by the way all the best for future and give us some coustume and legandary gun skins for free??

    Free Fire Free Fire

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