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Android 4.4+


Product Description

As you enter the enchanting virtual world of Gift of Hedone APK, you can travel with adventurous characters!

About Gift of Hedone

Gift of Hedone APK is a RPG of the detective genre that makes players fulfil their requirements and make them feel like real-life detectives in a short amount of time.

About Gift of Hedone- Gift of Hedone

The heart of Gift of Hedone APK lies in its enthralling narrative, replete with twists, turns, and emotional depth. The compelling characters and well-crafted dialogues make for an immersive experience. Also, the game features lively 2D graphics with basic pixel animations, bringing a retro breath.

The gameplay

Gift of Hedone APK seamlessly blends visual novel elements with role-playing mechanics, crafting a narrative-driven experience that keeps players invested from start to finish. The game revolves around choices, where decisions made by players steer the story’s direction and ultimately determine the outcomes of relationships and events.

By investigating and examining the night scenes from all cameras across the city that occur around the area at night, the protagonist starts to find out multiple secrets during the night. As players immerse themselves in the storyline, they interact with various characters, each with their own personalities and desires.

The gameplay- Gift of Hedone


  • Free to play
  • No registration required
  • 2D pixel animation
  • Detective elements
  • Captivating gameplay
  • Various mysteries to explore

How to download Gift of Hedone on mobile

Downloading Gift of Hedone APK on your mobile device is a straightforward process:

  • Before downloading any APK file, ensure that your device is set to allow installations from unknown sources. This setting can be found in your device’s security settings.
  • Visit here or here to download the latest Gift of Hedone APK file.
  • Once the download is complete, open the APK file. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the game on your device.
  • Launch the game and enter a world of strategic conquest and enchanting narratives right from your mobile device.
How to download Gift of Hedone on mobile- Gift of Hedone

If you’re a fan of adventure games and want to pretend to be a detective, Gift of Hedone APK is a great choice for you!

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