Embark into the captivating world of Gacha Nebula APK - the brand-new MOD of the famous game Gacha Club!

Gacha Nebula
Gacha Nebula

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Android 6.0


Product Description

Developed by Noxula, Gacha Nebula APK is a new free MOD version of the popular 2D role-playing mobile game Gacha Club.

The game allows you to create and design your own Gacha characters and use them in RPG battles. Additionally, this mod offers many customization options and brings back some special features of the original game.

The first attraction of Gacha Nebula APK is the beautiful graphics and large character designs. More new costumes have also been added, with unique designs. The game comes with new ideas, items, and kawaii style that will surely please fans of the genre.

What to expect in Gacha Nebula APK

  • Step into the enchanting realm of Gacha Nebula, a fan-made mod born from the heart of the beloved Gacha Club!
  • Choose from a multitude of 958 stunning new itemsbackgrounds and poses to set the perfect stage for your creations.
  • While crafting your characters, you’ll step into a space-themed interface revamp that adds a touch of galactic flair to your creative experience.
  • Witness enhanced eye expressions with “pupil masking”, which prevents the pupil from going beyond the eye area, allowing you to use our carefully designed pupils to their full potential.
  • Make sure to check out the talented creators behind the scenes, because each new item also comes with individual credits, accessible through a simple click!
  • Say goodbye to color restrictions and hello to limitless possibilities as you enjoy a new soundtrack that sets the mood for your creations.
  • Plus, we’ve fixed some bugs from the original version, guaranteeing a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

How to download Gacha Nebula APK on mobile

The game is now available to download on both Android and iOS, so downloading and installing it on your device is just a breeze. What you need to do is access the link we provide above this article, then follow the instruction.

Final thoughts

Overall, Gacha Nebula APK is a great improvement from both Gacha Club and Gacha Nox. While it doesn’t change anything from the gameplay, the large amount of new customization options may appeal to most players.

If you want to dig deeper into the Gacha Club mod scene, this is a good place to start.

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