Kick the Buddy is a relaxing game where you can slap the doll and forget about your anger.

Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy

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Product Description

Kick the Buddy is an extremely attractive Android game. In just a short time, the game has over 50 million installations on CH Play, and this number is increasing day by day. Playgendary has created a very valuable product. Kick the Buddy helps the players entertain and relieve stress very well after the stressful working and studying hours. You will vent all of your anger at the obnoxious effigies until they are bruised and bandaged. 

Best features 

Participating in Kick the Buddy will allow you to torture a dummy according to your wishes. It is extremely useful for people who are learning too much, working hard, or hating/inhibiting anyone and need to quickly get rid of their anger. 

There are numerous forms that you can choose to torment the game characters. For example, using animals, you can give tigers, dogs, poisonous snakes, scorpions, ants, etc. bite or sting into the effigy; using weapons, there are hundreds of weapons for you to choose such as guns, blades, swords, hammers, bow and arrows, lasers, meat grinders, cutters, grenades, mines, etc. 

Other things are unique and strange like freezing, lightning, even using the power of the gods to handle the dummy. Actually, Kick the Buddy is an extremely creative torture game and not as negative as people often think. 

Highlights of the Kick the Buddy 

– No Ads. 

– Small capacity. 

– The way of playing is intellectual and fun. 

– Very suitable for your entertainment. 

– Simple and light graphics. 

– Customize everything easily. 

– Funny pictures help you have the enjoyable laughs. 

– A diverse weapons system allows you to comfortably experience. 

– Support for various Android versions. 

How to download Kick the Buddy APK for free

It’s great that Kick the Buddy is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it easily at the link at the top of the article or go directly to Google Play/App Store. After downloading, install it as normal. This is a charged game genre, so you need to enter a form of payment to play it. Note that you can play for free for the first 3 days. 

How to play Kick the Buddy

Entering the Kick the Buddy game, you will not have both cash and gold. So, you can only use the free weapons that will make you feel quite boring during the torture of the dummy, but please take it easy to use. You can top up right at the Bank section or make money by tormenting the effigy to death with free weapons. In addition, you can also watch videos or invite your friends to play the game to earn gold and unlock super modern weapons. 

There is a nice feature of the Kick the Buddy that you can record a video of the process of torturing the dummy. To start it, simply click on the camera icon in the game. After filming the video, you can share it with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

I wish you had exciting and fun moments with the Kick the Buddy game. 

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1 review for Kick the Buddy

  1. Margaret Pratt
    5 out of 5

    An amazing app, the ads aren’t as bad as other people say. Yes, I had WiFi and data on. Why 4 stars then? Even though it’s a great stress reliever and time killer, and the ads aren’t bad, here’s why: 1) In app purchases. You have to buy gold because it’s hard to get and you have to buy spins. 2) “Free” Things. You can’t buy them, you have to watch ads for them. 3) Loading time. Sometimes it takes a long time to load. Still a great game! I highly recommend it if your bored or stressed! ♥️

    Kick the Buddy Kick the Buddy

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