After months of living in rumors, League of Legends (LOL) fans have received official information that they can download LOL Mobile beta. You can download the beta below.


General description

Currently, LOL Mobile has just opened to download the beta version for Android. According to the introduction from Riot Games, LOL still maintains the way of playing 5vs5, breaking the buildings and the main house to win. However, unlike the PC version, LOL Mobile emphatically has a faster competition. In particular, the buildings will be destroyed in a short time.

According to Riot Games, in the beta version, there will be 40 generals with familiar names, such as Nasus, Yasou, Annie, Lux, Garen, etc. The game will add the remaining generals gradually as well. In terms of control, LOL Mobile will have the same gameplay as Arena of Valor with the emulator joystick and touch buttons.The publisher said that the orientation skills will still ensure the accuracy as the PC version. In addition, players will still need to use personal skills to win opponents. The system of general moves and complementary spells, such as speed, scorch, punishment, reman.

The ranking mode is still similar to the PC version. Besides, League of Legends says players will not have to “pay to win,” but only to top up money to buy costumes. The game was released by a subsidiary of Riot Games, or a third party.

How to download LOL Mobile APK

Pre-register to LOL Mobile as soon as possible and experience the test capacity at te BETA server! It is unclear how many tests or wide-ranging experiences are available. However, 2.6 million people have signed up to date. Do not let yourself become a laggard.

Luckily, LOL Mobile is available now on iOS, Android and Windows. Let’s click HERE to download the app, or click on the link above the article. Then install and open the app to view registration instructions.

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