If you are a person who is really very keen on gaming on mobile devices then surely you have experienced PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Subway Surfer, or Garena Free Fire. I am wondering whether you have a burning desire to own 5 PUBG fighting themes, unlock all costumes in Garena Free Fire, or have unlimited coins for Subway Surfer…? Good news for you, today, I will reveal to you a secret. It is an application that can help you get all of these above. It’s called Lulubox.

What is Lulubox?

+ Provide mods of so much hot game at the present time like PubG, Free Fire, Mobile Legends (usually these mods are developed by the 3rd party).

+ Users can upload mods of any game and application to share with all who are using Lulubox.

With two excellent characteristics above, you just need to install Lulubox on your device so that you will become the master in any game that Lulubox supports.

List of games supported by Lulubox

Mobile Legends (MOD Skins)

PUBG Mobile (MOD Skins, Game Speed)

Garena Free Fire (MOD Skins)

Subway Surfers (MOD Coins)

Tiktok (Remove Watermark)

Rise Up (MOD Skins)

COC (Free skins)

Hole.io (MOD Skins)

Outstanding features

1. Help you own the game mod version

The interesting thing is that you don’t need to be a hacker or knowledgeable about smart phones and operating systems. Quite simply, you just need to install Lulubox and choose any mod of a game that you want to play. Then, log on to your account and enjoy.

2. Attractive interface, easy to use, supports for players

Lulubox is designed very fascinating and has a clear layout so players will not experience any difficulty when using this application.

How to download LuLubox APK

It’s great that Lulubox is now available in CH Play and the App Store so you can easily download it by using the link above the article or go directly to CH Play and the App Store to search for the app name.

Lulubox: Guide to use

It is easy to use for anyone. After the installation is complete, open the application, you will see mods of marvellous game. If you want to play one of those games, just click on it, then log in to your account. After that, if you want to play another game, you can search the name right in the search bar.


On the whole, Lulubox is the contemporary first and foremost option for you to enjoy the mods of the most popular game.


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