The Mafia underworld of notorious criminals and how they work has been incorporated into the surreal action game by Yotta Games, Mafia City. Here, you will participate as bandits, leaders of fierce gangs in the gangster world, competing for power and operating territory around the world. Mafia City is highly appreciated for its graphics and gameplay where you have to fight between Mafia gangs, build bases, and use strategies to defeat other foes. Currently, there are many versions of Mafia City MOD APK and Mafia City hack MOD APK, which help players own unlimited coins, boulder level 9, and no ads. However, remember to wisely choose a reputable download to ensure the safety of your mobile devices.
Mafia City - The game shows you how Mafia work

The gameplay of Mafia City

At the beginning of the game, a specific guide appears to help players understand the basic operations and features. Initially, you will have a base to build and develop optimally; to do that, you need to complete the initial basic goals and tasks. Then, based on the money you earn, you can upgrade those buildings. Reputation is extremely important in Mafia City. When your reputation is low, you will always be followed by the police and often hunted by other gangs. After building a powerful gang with a higher reputation, things become completely different, you can directly attack other gangs, as well as not be afraid of the police.
The gameplay of Mafia City- Mafia City - The game shows you how Mafia work
For your gang to survive, the alliance is a necessary tactic. Joining hands with other strong organizations in the vicinity gives you a lot of benefits in strengthening the territory. Here are four types of crew members players can recruit: Bulkers, Shooters, Bikers, and Modified vehicles.
  • Bulkers will defend your other men and devour the enemies.
  • Shooters can wield all sorts of long-ranged weapons.
  • Bikes and Modified vehicles help you rob ruthlessly and transport stolen goods fast.

Best features

  • Awesome HD graphics where you can zoom in, zoom out, with 360-degree rotation for the most surreal world experience.
  • Using the same server around the world, helping gamers exchange and interact easily.
  • Professional translation system capable of converting all languages.
  • Have free choices to customize your crew leader to be the best.
  • Make alliances with other magnificent members with modern guns, armored vehicles, bikers, knives to help you fight with other foes.
  • Explore and expand the map on extensive maps to become the GodFather very soon.
  • Join weekly events to get new missions, bonuses and make new friends.
Best features- Mafia City - The game shows you how Mafia work

How to download Mafia City APK

Currently, Mafia City is available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to download completely for free. However, Yotta Games also clearly restricts the game from being suitable for audiences from 17 years and more since it contains frequent intense realistic violence. Step 1. Make sure your phones are Android 4.1+ or iPhone iOS 9.0+ Step 2. Access Google Play or App Store to download Mafia City for free. Step 3. When the installation completes, launch the app and enjoy the game.


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