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MapleStory M is a mobile version of the game genre with the same name as it on the PC platform. Thus, it gives players a feeling of nostalgia about childhood with fascinating battles and lovely dwarf mushroom characters. However, MapleStory M retains the original version’s features, including bright graphics and cute chibi-style character designs. There are five-character classes with different careers, so that players can choose freely. At the same time, they can join the guild and create groups to confront the powerful Bosses together. You can play in either PvP or PvE mode. It has an optimized control system for mobile devices. It works very smoothly and is easy to manipulate. Therefore, you can move, release skills, and fight very quickly.

The instructions on how to download the MapleStory M APK

You need to click on the link above the article. MapleStory M is currently available on all operating systems. You can choose the operating system that suits your usage needs, such as iOS, Android, or Microsoft. After that, you proceed to install and use it as usual.

The five-character classes in the MapleStory M app game

• Dark Knight: A character class that uses spears, is very energetic, and has a massive amount of blood. In terms of skill, Dark Knight can strike fairly balanced, suitable for new players.

• Bowmaster: A character class that uses a bow and has the advantage of a long-range attack. Bowmaster has skills to attack a target or deal damage on a large scale.

• Bishop: A character class that uses magic and often read books to learn about charm. Bishop is a character with weak defence but plays an essential role in the player’s line-up.

• Corsair: A character class that derived from pirates swept into the world of MapleStory M. Corsair is heavily influenced by the personality that loves to explore, risk, and achieve new goals. It is capable of creating vast area damage to enemies from a long distance.

• Night Lord: A character class that uses claws. It is a formidable character class with the ability to attack enemies unexpectedly.

The five-character classes in the MapleStory M app game 5

The instructions on how to level up effectively MapleStory

From level 1 to level 35

It is an important milestone for you to open trading features. They are very convenient. You only need to stay in one location and still be able to purchase all the necessary equipment. The system will pre-filter the prices and arrange them in order from low to high, so you can easily choose.

The fastest way to level up is to do the tasks in the game. At levels 1, 5 10, 20, etc., MapleStory will give players the gift boxes, you need to take them and open them. At this time, each player will have a unique orange item that is very strong. You will take about 2 hours to reach level 35. You are at a skill level of 30, so you are relatively healthy. You should pay particular attention not to ignore money, jewels, etc. because they are vital resources, but they are scarce. They will be used to up the items and improve their combat ability. If you don’t have them, you’ll lose a lot of time and spend a lot of money.

From level 35 to level 70

You must prioritize the skills used to increase Damage, including Passive and Active so that you can inflict the most damage to the enemy. At level 35, each person will have about 1,500,000 Mesos coming from different sources. You should go to the Trade Station to buy purple Epic weapons. Its price will be about 350,000 Mesos or even cheaper. You can spend a bit more money to strengthen this weapon to +5 if you are hitting a single shot without killing the monster. You can go forward to perform the Dungeon. Other furniture and equipment can stay the same, and you don’t need to care about them. You will have to do the available tasks. It takes about 3 hours to reach level 70. At that time, you will be able to open the Daily Hunt and Elite Mummy Nett to get powerful and essential features.

You will use up to three Elite Mummy Nett turns to find purple items (belts, rings, etc.) quite reliable. If you don’t have friends to go with, choose Quick Join. There will be many other players ready to go to Dungeon with you.

From level 70 to level 90

You continue to perform the tasks. You don’t need to plug Farm anywhere because the quests will provide a considerable amount of EXP that is easy to complete. When you reach level 88, you won’t have quests that force you to “train.” At this point, you might consider entering Market Station to purchase additional purple items to enable hidden features. You will strengthen your things so that they have a total number of stars ranging from 30 to 35. You need to enhance purple items to level 30 to 35 stars, and then you will be eligible to enter Dungeon Farm level.

The price of the items is also quite low. At level 90, you will have 2 to 3 million Mesos left to strengthen your things.

From level 90 to level 100

You will perform an alternate way of doing quests and “Train EXP” in Star Field map. You set up parties to fight together to increase your EXP. If one wins, the whole team will benefit from it. You can use the available AUTO feature to fight level up.


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