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android 9.0 and up


Product Description

Melon Playground is the most popular sandbox game today because of its entertainment. The game now exists on Android and iOS platforms for free experience!

About Melon Playground

Melon Playground is a simulation game developed and released by 27 studios. The game gives players a very free and creative emulator, with special tools. In addition, gamers can also use external images and resources to increase their diversity and creativity.

About Melon Playground- Melon Playground

Gamers can also create action movies as desired, or they may be humorous exchange scenes. In general, the freedom that Melon Playground brings will help gamers spoiled for showing their creativity comfortably.

What makes the game more interesting when there is no rule or time limit? You are free to do everything you want. You can take out various weapons from the settings: poison, knives, weights, or guns, and destroy Ragdoll the way you want, including shooting, stabbing, cutting, etc.

The gameplay

In Melon Playground, you will start by choosing the type of map you want to play. Then, add different factors to the map from the drop-down menu on the left. For example, fruits made from fruit look human and can move, suffer, and die. In addition, there are also weapons and objects that you can use to fight them.

The gameplay- Melon Playground

You can inject them in the body acid, shoot or attack them with different types of objects, revive them with another type of injection, track their important signs, place bombs, and try to accumulate them. Together, wearing helmets, wearing them, and watching these fruits against different attacks and anything else you think of. When you are tired, you can restart the scene or create a new battle.

Main features

Various tools

Melon Playground provides players with characters, weapons, and tools to create scenes in the game. It also shows you the scenes, from which you will simulate them so that it matches.

Simple graphics

The graphics in Melon Playground are quite simple but gives players a separate charm. The entire game space is gray, which highlights the characters, weapons, and tools with striking colors.

Simple graphics- Melon Playground

Attractive reward

After completing the challenges, players will receive attractive rewards from Melon Playground. You can use them to buy more new characters, weapons, and tools to create more worthwhile scenes.

How to download Melon Playground APK

  • Step 1: First, start Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: At the main interface, enter the Melon Playground keyword into the search bar.
  • Step 3: Then select the game icon and press “Get” or “Install”. Wait for the loading process, Open and Enjoy the game.
How to download Melon Playground APK- Melon Playground

Final words

Melon Playground is quite suitable for you to relieve stress when annoyed. At anger, people tend to attack someone or smash their belongings. But if you do not want to hurt others or financial damage, Melon Playground is the place for you to do it as you like without having to worry, pouring out all stress, sadness into the mannequin as you like.

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