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2.1.12 Freemium
Android 4.2+
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Product Description

Mobdro is a prevalent movie viewing application. With this app, you can find any movie or program, so please skip the TV and the online movie watching websites. You just need to prepare yourself a pack of popcorn, a can of coke, open the Mobdro app, and enjoy your wonderful weekend.

Why should you choose Mobdro application?

+ First of all, it is a completely free application, and it owns movies, TV shows, live streaming videos with a lot of amusing topics.

+ The secret to Mobdro get thousands of videos in many areas is because it gets the source and synthesizes from the third parties. For that reason, Mobdro absolutely does not take any responsibility for the Copyright section and you can rest assured when using this application.

+ What’s interesting is that sometimes you don’t know how to seek the latest blockbusters. It’s amazing that it has appeared in Mobdro.

The outstanding features of Mobdro

+ Simple interface and easy to use

It has a very straightforward appearance so you can easily find the video that you want to watch without feeling confused and uncomfortable.

+ All videos are sorted by topics

Academic, medical, art, marketing, etc. topics are arranged smartly and neatly. In particular, with the theme of sport, Mobdro always synthesizes the schedules to help users arrange their time for watching.

+ Excellent video quality

All videos on Mobdro now have HD quality or higher (except for videos that have existed a long time ago). Certainly, it is one of the factors that make this application have a sudden increase in users.

How to download and install Mobdro for Android

Downloading the most recent version of Mobdro Pro APK free of charge with android device couldn’t be easier. You just need to follow the link at the top of this article to install. If it doesn’t work, you can go on your Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and turn on Unknown Sources.

Once it’s installed successfully, you can start viewing millions of videos, movies, TV shows, live streams.

How to download and install Mobdro for PC and Mac

Getting Mobdro APK free on PC or Mac is really simple, although there are some additional steps. For the reason that it is designed for Android, you’ll need an Android emulator on your PC before you attempt to install Mobdro. We suggest BlueStacks.

To install this emulator, you need to type in BlueStacks into your browser and install or you can follow the link in this article to download Mobdro Pro APK. As soon as it’s downloaded, you go to the file and open it.

After it is installed completely, open your BlueStacks and go to Apps, after that click on Mobdro and that’s all.

How to download Mobdro on PS3/PS4 and Xbox One

Technically, Mobdro APK free for PlayStation and Xbox One is not possible to install on the device itself. However, with a quick and simple trick, it can be connected to your android device and watched through the game console.

At first, you need to download Mobdro APK and then you have to download the Pixel Media Software app on your android device.

The Pixel Media software app is a multimedia software which allows you to cast apps off your phone onto other devices. You run the app from your android device, download the video you want to watch, turn on Pixel, turn on your console, go to Media Player — as both the Media Player and Pixel run off the DNLA network — they’ll recognize each other. Simply click on the app through the Media Player and it will appear.

How to download Mobdro on Smart TV

Downloading Mobdro on your Smart TV is so simple. You just click the button at the end of this article to download and make sure you’ve allowed downloads from unknown sources (same process as on android), then locate the file folder, open and install, and you’re ready for watching on the big screen.

How to fix when Mobdro stops working

Mobdro application shut down due to many reasons and the following are some solutions when you encounter this problem:

+ Check if your android operating system has been upgraded to version 4.2 or higher. If not, upgrade it now.

+ Probably because you are restricted to your country so you should try to use VPN to solve this problem.

+ Finally, make sure your device is well connected to the Internet.

Wish you had a relaxing and delightful time with Mobdro application.

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1 review for Mobdro

  1. Debbie Watts
    5 out of 5

    I actually love Mobdro. I don’t have high expectations for it. It’s free and the quality is much better than when I first downloaded it a few years back. It has most of the channels that would be on our cable TV (SKY) here in NZ which I’ve had before and is a waste of money. I just love having more options to watch shows that aren’t available on other streaming services and sometimes like the surprise of seeing what’s on without a streaming guide. And I’m able to watch the Rugby World Cup on a portugese channel …for FREE! Of course, it has it’s issues, but I’m just so grateful and love that I can get something free that others are paying for. This is probably the longest review I’ve typed up but it is worth the time with what Mobdro has given me 🙂

    Mobdro Mobdro

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