Developer: PPC Energie S.A.
Version: 5.0.2
Updated on: 2024-05-25

Improve energy management, pay electricity and gas bills quickly right at home with just a few steps, save costs and protect the environment with the myPPC app.

Improve energy management, pay electricity and gas bills quickly right at home with just a few steps, save costs and protect the environment with the myPPC app


PPC Energie S.A., a leading provider of electricity and natural gas in Romania, is committed to providing customers with a seamless energy management experience. The myPPC app is a testament to this commitment.

Driven by an understanding of customer needs, PPC Energie S.A. developed the myPPC app with the following goals in mind:

  • Simplify bill payment
  • Enhance energy consumption awareness
  • Elevate the customer service experience

The myPPC app is the culmination of PPC Energie S.A.’s unwavering dedication. With its user-friendly features and advanced technology, myPPC has become the premier energy management app in Romania.

Key Features of MyPPC App

1. Streamlined Bill Management

At the heart of the myPPC app lies a suite of features designed to simplify and streamline bill management for PPC Energie customers:

  • Effortless Bill Viewing: Access current and past bill balances conveniently within the app, eliminating the need for paper bills.
  • Secure Online Payments: Pay bills securely using the app’s integrated online payment gateway, saving time and eliminating the hassle of in-person payments.
  • Seamless Meter Reading Submission: Submit meter readings accurately and effortlessly through the app, ensuring accurate billing and avoiding estimation charges.

2. Enhanced Energy Awareness

Empowering customers with insights into their energy consumption patterns is a cornerstone of the myPPC app:

  • Real-Time Consumption Tracking: Monitor energy usage in real-time, gaining a clear understanding of consumption patterns.
  • Historical Consumption Data: Access historical consumption data to identify trends and make informed energy-saving decisions.
  • Personalized Consumption Analysis: Receive personalized consumption analysis and recommendations tailored to specific energy usage patterns.

3. Unparalleled Customer Support

The myPPC app prioritizes providing customers with prompt and efficient support:

  • 24/7 Customer Service Access: Reach customer service representatives around the clock for assistance with billing, service, or general energy-related inquiries.
  • Direct Communication Channel: Engage in direct communication with customer service representatives through the app’s messaging feature.
  • Prompt Issue Resolution: Experience prompt and efficient resolution of any billing, service, or technical issues.

Step-by-step Guide To Use

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– Paying a bill:

  • Navigate to the “Billing” section of the app.
  • Select the bill you want to pay.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Enter your payment information and confirm the payment.

– Viewing historical consumption data:

  • Go to the “Consumption” tab.
  • Select the desired time period for viewing your consumption data.
  • Analyze your consumption patterns by day, week, month, or year.

– Submitting a meter reading:

  • Access the “Meter Reading” section.
  • Enter your meter reading manually or take a picture of your meter.
  • Submit the meter reading.

– Contacting customer support:

  • Open the “Help” section.
  • Choose the appropriate contact method (phone, email, or chat).
  • Provide your contact information and a brief description of your issue.
  • Wait for a response from a customer support representative.

Benefits of Using the myPPC App: Mutual Advantage

The myPPC app goes beyond convenience, offering a win-win for both customers and PPC Energie S.A.

– To users and customers: They manage bills, make secure payments, and submit meter readings seamlessly. Real-time consumption data and personalized recommendations empower them to make informed energy-saving decisions, reducing bills and environmental impact. 24/7 customer service through the app streamlines the entire process.

– To PPC Energie S.A.: Online bill payments and meter readings reduce administrative burdens. The app fosters a positive customer experience with a user-friendly platform and prompt support, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Valuable customer data on consumption patterns helps PPC Energie optimize energy distribution, marketing campaigns, and service offerings.

The myPPC app empowers customers and streamlines operations for PPC Energie, creating a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

FAQs about myPPC App

  1. Is myPPC completely free or are there hidden fees?

Currently, myPPC is offered entirely free of charge to all PPC Energie S.A. customers. You do not need to pay any fees to download, install, or use the app.

  1. Are there any upgrade packages for myPPC? What features do they include and how much do they cost?

Currently, myPPC does not offer any upgrade packages. However, PPC Energie S.A. may introduce additional services for customers with higher needs. Examples include energy-saving consulting services, solar energy system installation services, etc. The prices of these additional services will depend on the specific needs of each customer.

  1. Is my personal information safe with myPPC? What security measures are in place?

PPC Energie S.A. is committed to strict protection of customers’ personal information. myPPC utilizes state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your data, including:

  • Data encryption: Your data is encrypted when stored and transmitted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access management: Only authorized users can access your data.
  • Security monitoring: PPC Energie S.A.’s system is continuously monitored to detect and prevent intrusion attempts.

You can learn more about PPC Energie S.A.’s privacy policy at

  1. Can I use myPPC on multiple devices? Which operating systems are supported?

Yes, you can use myPPC on multiple mobile devices and tablets. The myPPC app is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Android: Version 5.0 and above
  • iOS: Version 10.0 and above
  1. Can I share my myPPC account with others? Why shouldn’t I share it?

You should not share your myPPC account with others. Sharing your account can lead to security risks and unauthorized access to your account information. If you share your account with others, they can view and edit your account information, including payment information. They can also perform transactions using your account without your consent.

  1. Can I delete my myPPC account? How will the data be deleted?

Yes, you can delete your myPPC account. When you delete your account, all data related to your account will be permanently removed from the PPC Energie S.A. system. Deleting your account may take a few days to complete.


myPPC is a dedicated application for PPC Energie S.A. customers, providing a comprehensive solution for managing energy accounts, tracking consumption, and saving money.

With its intuitive, user-friendly interface and diverse feature set, myPPC helps customers:

  • Pay bills quickly and securely.
  • Monitor and analyze energy consumption effectively.
  • Receive practical energy-saving tips.
  • Access professional customer service.

myPPC contributes to raising awareness of efficient energy use, encourages energy conservation, and protects the environment.

Download myPPC today to experience the convenience and join hands in protecting the environment!

myPPC – Smart energy, better life!

Developer: PPC Energie S.A.
Version: 5.0.2
Updated on: 2024-05-25

Improve energy management, pay electricity and gas bills quickly right at home with just a few steps, save costs and protect the environment with the myPPC app.

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