NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.

NBA 2k19
NBA 2k19

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Product Description

NBA 2k19 is a basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. This is the 20th version of the NBA 2K renowned basketball series. It is also the next version of NBA 2K18. 2K Sports officially release the game on September 7, 2018, for all Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android mobile phone operating systems. 

The developer constantly updates the rules of the game, the transfer between clubs, the performance of professional basketball players. Information sources as well as indicators that the game updates are taken from the American professional basketball tournament. If you are passionate about basketball/football or a fan of some club, you will all understand this. 

The outstanding features

Control with Takeover 

It fully helps exploit MyPLAYER’s basketball potential with a new gaining of control characteristics. In addition, it unlocks unprecedented special movements and abilities. Activate the Takeover and unleash the power of your full squad. 

Control with Takeover -The outstanding features

NBA 2k19

Run the neighborhood 

You will not want to miss updating the latest news any day in the surrounding area. Create a reputation for yourself on the field, the ‘Under Armor Cages’, and in the live events. You are free to walk in the center of Jordan Rec or with the old crew to organize interesting activities on the street. 

My group 

Create your first MyPLAYER card with LeBron and Kobe. You leave the rest of your collection in various competing modes. The new unlimited function of the game allows you to select randomly and fight online with the other players. 

My career 

From the legend of the streets to the global phenomenon. The original career story returned with your role-playing from China, to the G League, and finally to the NBA. The all-star cast with numerous elements will be associated with your popularity and help you dominate the NBA. 

How to download and install NBA 2k19 APK 

You can click the link above the article to get NBA 2k19 for free on Android or iOS devices. To play the game, you have to be a basketball enthusiast. You should understand the rules, tactics, the arrangement of the players, how to speed up, the golden time to score, clever defense, etc. 

Is NBA 2k19 worth it?

There are many controversial ideas about this idea. However, every game has it own pros and cons. You can refer the features of NBA 2k19 to decide whether it suits you or not.

Should I buy NBA 2k19?

Compared to previous version of NBA 2k, the 2k19 game version have updated more outstanding points which is worth your experience. So, let’s give it a try.

Have an excellent time with NBA 2k19!





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1 review for NBA 2k19

  1. Patrick Bush
    5 out of 5

    The games is great trust me I’ve played it so many times it’s addicting no cap but the only thing missing is missing gold threes come on 2k I’m addicted to shooting threes man please have the gold go in more oftenly yeah thats the only thing missing and also while I’m wide open I’m missing and it’s gold I miss so 2k can you please fix this please!!

    NBA 2k19 NBA 2k19

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