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Product Description

One Punch Man: World is introduced as the first mobile action game based on One Punch Man’s IP, players can unleash all the iconic skills built into the original Manga/Anime.

About One Punch Man: World

Following the movement of turning popular manga and anime works into games, Crunchyroll recently officially announced the first trailer of One Punch Man: World, a cross-platform game based on the manga of the same name.
About One Punch Man: World- One Punch Man: World
The content of the game will be built according to the manga version, with 3D graphics that faithfully reproduce the images of artist Murata. The setting of the game is the familiar Z city in the manga, where Saitama and Genos live, where there are busy streets, ruined battlefields as well as wild natural scenes.
About One Punch Man: World- One Punch Man: World

The gameplay

Based on what was shown on its trailer, it looks like One Punch Man: World will be a 3rd person multiplayer action game in which players control characters from the One Punch Man universe and fight with different villains and monsters. There will also be an open-world exploration level that gives the opportunity to interact with NPCs and potentially other players.
The gameplay- One Punch Man: World

How to download One Punch Man: World on mobile

One Punch Man: World was announced to be primarily released in Europe, the Americas, and Australia. You can visit the game’s official site for pre-registration. Or, follow Apkafe to update the fastest game download link.
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