Paio Hazard APK is an engaging shooting action game about a brave and badass detective called Lina Let’s join the heroine Lina in the game to destroy the aggressive zombies and bring peace to the city.

About Paio Hazard

Paio Hazard APK was released at the end of 2022 and released by Digital Onahooole. After its debut, this game has brought millions of downloads on all platforms and gradually entered the success of many surprises.
About Paio Hazard-Paio Hazard
At first sight, the game seems to be action genre, but when entering the game, players will have to use their minds more and combine their ingenuity to win. Although it only owns with a 2D graphic, the images and gestures of the character in motion always remain sharp. In terms of sound, it is a top action game, but the sound in the game sometimes brings humor and fun with entertainment. Moreover, the character’s voice and sound are also extremely cute.

The plot

The game’s story is about a heroine name Lina is a tough cop but has massive boobs and loves sex. She has come to a small, sleepy town where homeless people have been disappearing under very strange circumstances.
The plot-Paio Hazard
She takes on the case and before long the town is engulfed in a strange fog that is turning everyone into zombies. Lina is trying to survive in this messed up town, but she is also trying to solve the case and try and save anyone who needs saving.

How to download Paio Hazard APK for mobile

Step 1: You can download the latest Paio Hazard APK version by accessing this link. Step 2: Access Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your device. Step 3: Navigate to your download folder using a file browser. Tap the APK file to start the installation. Step 4: After the process completes, open and enjoy the game.


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