If you love arcade-style games with good soundtracks, don’t miss Pizza Tower! This is a 2D platformer game heavily inspired by the Wario Land series on the Game Boy, with intriguing cake visuals and fun Italian chefs. Additionally, the game has an amazingly huge list of achievements, almost 70. What an amazing thing! Below are instructions on how to complete the achievements in Pizza Tower.
How to get all the achievements in Pizza Tower

How to get all the achievements in Pizza Tower

Achievements in Pizza Tower may not have much effect on real life, so completing all the achievements is not required. However, you can also try to get as much done as possible; to get value for money.
  1. Gutted John – Destroys all dead John blocks in John Gutter.
  2. Sophisticated – Shatter over 41 cheese bases in Ancient Cheese.
  3. Unnecessary Violence – Kill all the salesman hot dogs in the pizza supermarket.
  4. Volleyball – Kill a rat with bombs dropped by enemies in antique cheese.
  5. Stay Healthy – Surf every dead body in the Wasteyard.
  6. Thrill Seeker – Eat ancient cheese without being injured by an explosion.
  7. Peppino’s Rain Dance – Reactivate the totem by dancing with the mach dash in the Oregano Desert.
  8. Critic – Defeat Pepperman without injury.
  9. sphere – Kill other enemies while in ball form in Pizzascape.
  10. Crossing the Bare – Kill thirty ghosts in Pizzascare.
  11. Nice Shot – Kill three or more enemies in one shot in Golf.
  12. Beautiful Bee – Stand next to a bee and taunt in the Gnome Forest.
  13. Dark Night – Defend ten Forknights in Pizzascape.
  14. Non-Alcoholic – Destroys nearly every beer bottle in the Fastfood Saloon.
  15. Royal flush – Tap each card in the Fastfood Saloon.
  16. Do this fast – Finish John Gutter in less than two minutes.
  17. The Cube Threat – Find and destroy the Mort Cube.
  18. Turbo Tunnel – Avoid hitting the ceiling in the room right after John Pillar in Deep Dish Nine.
  19. Man Eruption – During your escape, go up with a super jump of more than two seconds in Bloodsauce Dungeon.
  20. Unsliced Pizzaman – Complete the Bloodsauce Dungeon without being injured by the pizza cutter.
  21. Primate Rage – Get 99 or more combos in John Gutter.
  22. Ugly – Defeat The Vigilante without injury.
  23. Bull’s Eye – Kill a noisy goblin with his own arrow in the Gnome Forest.
  24. Pretend Ghost – Kill 20 or more enemies as a ghost in the Wasteyard.
  25. Denoise – Defeat The Noise without taking damage.
  26. Shining Armor – Reach all priests without hitting a wall once in Pizzascape.
  27. Primitive Golfers – Win the Top Ranks in Golf Courses.
  28. Ghosts – Avoid letting John Ghost touch the Wasteyard.
  29. No one is safe – Kill three unreachable enemies at once with super taunts in Happy Farm.
  30. Good Eggs – Complete the Happy Farm while avoiding Mort attacks on you.
  31. Gun on a stick! – Kill all the monsters that are chasing in the escape part of Don’t Make A Sound.
  32. Extremely Hot Sauce – Complete the Bloodsauce Dungeon without touching the lava once.
  33. Blowback – Kill the cannon elf with your own bomb in Crust Cove.
  34. Frying pan – Find the bacon room.
  35. Faker – Defeat Fake Peppino without getting hurt.
  36. meteor man – Kills 5 UFOs alive in one body collision in Deep Dish Nine.
  37. Blast’Em Asteroids – Destroy all asteroids in Deep Dish Nine.
  38. Say Oink! – Take souvenir photos with everyone in the City of Pigs.
  39. Alien Cows – Don’t be attacked by a single cow in the Oregano Desert.
  40. Can’t fool me – Avoid killing any of the pizza boy’s cardboard in Oh Shit!
  41. Helpful Burger – Catch enemies eating burgers to hit the ball into the goal in Golf.
  42. Frozen nuggets – Free all frozen birds in the Refrigerator-Refrigerator-Freezer.
  43. Food Tribe – Kill ten ninjas by parrying them in Oh Shit!
  44. Woodman – Destroys every block in the Gnome Forest.
  45. Pressed – Activate each button only once in the Fastfood Saloon.
  46. Demolition Specialist – Complete Crust Cove without exploding.
  47. Veteran decoration – Don’t get injured more than three times in WAR.
  48. X – Discover all the treasure guys in Crust Cove.
  49.  Gunner – Don’t miss more than three shots in WAR.
  50. Jumpspared – Avoid being startled in Don’t Make A Sound.
  51. Sorry! – Avoid damage in the first secret of the Peppibot Factory.
  52. Trip to Warzone – Ends WAR in less than a minute.
  53. Face-to-face – Defeat Pizzaface without injury.
  54. Beat! – Kill three or more enemies with a Brick ball in Pig City.
  55. Savers – Avoid being Mr. Pinch grabs in Oh Shit’s escape scene!
  56. Season Greetings – Kill 5 fake Santas in the Fridge-Refrigerator-Freezer.
  57. There can only be one – Destroy every Peppino robot in the Peppibot Factory.
  58. Skull Splitter – Destroy each skull block in Pizzascare.
  59. Flatten – Remove the canned form from each priest at least once in the Peppibot Factory.
  60. Haunted Playground – Avoid being injured by King Ghost’s traps in Pizzascare.
  61. Let them sleep – Activate the alarm in Do Not Sound less than six times before the exit sequence.
  62. Ice Climber – Full set of Refrigerator-Refrigerator-Freezer that does not fall holes.
  63. Rank #1 – Get all P Ranks in World 1
  64. Rank #2 – Get all S Ranks in World 2
  65. Rank #3 – Get all S Ranks in World 3
  66. Rank #4 – Get all S Ranks in World 4
  67. Rank #5 – Get all S Ranks in World 5
How to get all the achievements in Pizza Tower
So, this is the instruction to get all the achievements in Pizza Tower. Wish you success when applying it to the game. Thank you and see you in the next post!


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