About Project Overkill

Project Overkill is a shooting game for the PlayStation, developed and published by Konami in 1996. The game’s plot revolves around a group of four mercenaries hired to destroy a group of people known as the Viscerians.
About Project Overkill-Project Overkill
Gamers will play the roles of those four mercenaries that try to destroy the world. They can change between four characters at the beginning of each mission. Konami has done a great job of creating a realistic 3D graphics with cool effects, allowing the player to feel immersed in the real 3D environment with no unexplored areas.

The gameplay

Project Overkill uses a 3D-esque isometric view, in which the player chooses one of four mercenaries to lead through levels. Characters act as lives, and if one is killed, the player still has the option of choosing among the remaining mercenaries.
The gameplay-Project Overkill
During the levels, the player must find key cards, destroy guards, aliens and robots, and activate laser bridges to complete objectives. Objectives include finding an exit to the level, assassinating an officer, escorting a disabled person or other important official, retrieving an item (usually a memory chip or similar), or achieving a rate certain destruction in the area.


  • Easy to play on mobile platform
  • Interesting Rambo-style game
  • Sharp graphics
  • Various weapon types
  • Vivid sound
Highlights-Project Overkill

How to download Project Overkill on mobile

From Play Station to mobile devices, now, you can download and enjoy Project Overkill on your phone at ease.
  1. Access here to download the latest version Project Overkill.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can launch it from your home screen and embark on the game’s world.


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