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Product Description

PUBG Mobile is one of the best survival shooter games today. It always holds the number one position on the ranking list. This game is also constantly updated regularly to provide you with the best experience. 

In addition to the PUBG Mobile version for Android and iOS, Tencent also released Tencent Gaming Buddy so that you can play PUBG Mobile on PC. If you don’t like this installer, then you can experience PUBG Mobile on your computer through the BlueStacks emulator with PUBG Mobile game. 

PUBG Mobile gives you 3 familiar game modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. At the start of the match, you are put on a plane. Then, you will choose the appropriate location to parachute into the vast island with the mission of finding weapons and equipment such as hats, shirts, bandages, blood pot, to become the last survivor. Each match in PUBG Mobile usually lasts from 25 minutes to 30 minutes. 

Outstanding features

+ Join the fierce survival battle that can be up to 100 players. 

+ There are 3 familiar game modes on PUBG mobile: Solo, Duo, and Squad. 

+ Search for guns, bullets, and support items to become the final survivor in PUBG. 

+ You can customize the character appearance such as hairstyle, clothes, shoes, etc. 

+ Diverse and abundant weapons such as rifles, shotgun, sniper rifles, grenades, etc. 

+ The automatically pick up a weapon feature is very smart. 

+ Mini maps showing the location of the enemy’s gunfire. 

+ Various means of transportation, including cars, motorcycles, helicopters, ships, canoes, etc. 


New features 

Brand new music 

With PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 or PUBG Mobile Season 6, you will be able to experience very attractive and extremely exciting sound. 

Contemporary package 

Beginning in April 2019, you can choose to play games in the form of the purchase of Prime and Prime Plus packages. 

The latest weapons 

Best of all, PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 will provide you with a new gun. This is an extremely dangerous weapon, called G36C with very formidable-destructive power, small recoil, and extremely fast firing speed. 

Up to date means of transportation 

PUBG Mobile in the 6th season will replace some older vehicles, like the Jeep, Dacia, Mini Bus with some special transport vehicles and privileges for Sanhok maps. 

Change Royal Pass 

When buying Elite Pass Plus, you will not only get 25 Royal Pass levels as usual but also receive many other rewards (you can see Royan Pass classified lists). 

Optimize experience 

Make the best effective use of language selection, chat feature, reducing the storage capacity so that it can accommodate more messages. 

Optimizing the Store Homepage will highlight the appearance and theme of the new version. 

Instructions for downloading and installing the PUBG Mobile 

You can easily download and install on Android and iOS at the link at the top of the article. However, if you want to play PUBG on a PC, you can download Tencent Gaming Buddy with detailed instructions. 

The tips and tricks in the PUBG Mobile 

Turn on tilt mode 

Revealing a little part of your body and shooting will help you in avoiding being hit rather than exposing your whole body out. For that reason, you should turn on Peek & Fire mode in the game settings. 

See the mini-map to recognize where the enemy’s shooting direction is 

If you have a habit of turning off the sound while playing a game, the signs appear on small maps, such as gunfire, vehicle sounds, etc., will help you shape space better. Besides, his action also help you avoid the death without knowing where the culprit is. 

Use your thumb to shoot 

Sometimes having an extra-shoot button on your left hand will make it easier to manipulate while your right hand is adjusting the gun center to hit the target. 

The first games are all bots 

Make the most of playing with bots in the first game to practice the skills that you lack. The reason is that at the end of the game, you will meet a large number of talented opponents with various more professional skills than you. 

Use Auto-Run mode 

To activate Auto-Run, you just need to press down the run button and pull up to lock it. At this time, it is comfortable to be straightforward to move the direction to run to another place. 

Use Free-Look mode 

Very simple but extremely effective! You need to click on the eye icon, and then move to other directions to observe the surrounding situation (Free-Look gives you high efficiency when you combine with Auto-Run). 

Play while charging 

Playing and charging seem to be prevalent. Especially with this survival game because you will never know when you will die. Normally, a match that you win will take about 30 minutes, and if you only play 2 PUBG matches, you will run out of battery. 

Try to play with the gun center-shifting mode 

By selecting this mode, you can move the gun center when the phone is moving. If you are not used to shooting like this, you should turn it off because learning how to control it is difficult and time-consuming. 

Reset the location of the virtual key 

These virtual keys are arranged by default, so you need to reset them to suit them best. 

Always pay attention from behind 

Of course, like other people, you don’t have eyes in the back to observe unexpected situations. Therefore, you have to keep your eyes on the back of yourself and you will not die in terrible times. 

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has released a new 6.3 update on the PUBG’s public test servers. It adds a new weapon to the game in the form of the Panzerfaust, a WWII-era rocket launcher exclusive to the Karakin map. The update also buffs several of the game’s weaker weapons, including upping the fire rate on the Tommy Gun and damage on the UMP-45, as well as moving the M249 to the general loot pool.

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  1. Arlinis Shadap
    5 out of 5

    The game is Awesome! I really enjoy the game and I really like this Arctic mode. It’s OK! But if can improve someting on it that will interesting to play. I have a suggestion if you like it so please accept it. I think you have to add some weapons in game like land mines, time bombs and moch more. Bravo guys!!

    PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

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