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If you are a movie enthusiast, like watching action movies, horror movies and other genres such as Venom, Super Heroes (Avengers), Aquaman, etc. And if you want to experience passionate movies with HD quality, movies at theatres, at home and abroad, but you can’t afford it. Today, we will introduce to you an application that will please complete the above need. Showbox is an application for watching movies online. It contains all kinds of movies in theatres around the world that you can have a look for free. This application is made by SHOWBOX Co., Ltd, one of the largest film distribution companies in South Korea. Because it is an investment branch of the Orion Group so that it owns many popular movies in the world. If you are a movie fanatic, download immediately Showbox to your phone. The app is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. 

The outstanding features of the Showbox app 

– Completely free: Showbox remains free of charge, and as far as we can tell it will be always. You are completely assured that Showbox does not sell packages for watching movies daily, weekly or monthly. 

– No registration required: This application absolutely does not require you to sign up or log in. Feel free to be used in this application during your holidays. 

– There are more than 20 different types of movies such as the action, horror, humor, animation, ancient, mythical, psychological, adventurous, anime, single movies, serial movie, and theatrical movies, etc. Surely, you will be happy. 

– Smart feature: If you want to see the latest or oldest movies with smart features, you can choose the files published from 1900 to 2019. This is a brilliant feature that the other movie watching applications do not get. 

– Smart search: If you can’t remember the names of the movies, you can type in the search tool. It will display a list of movies when you write each letter so that you can find the movie you want. 

– Full HD movie quality: If you want to watch your favorite movies with the best quality, Showbox will meet your needs.  

– The download allowed: Showbox supports you to download any movie, so you can watch when you are offline. 

Disadvantages of the Showbox APK 

Although Showbox is a very good app for watching movies online, watching TV shows, more and more, it’s all free and copyright infringement. This is the disadvantage of this application. Downloading movies on Showbox is also completely free and safe, but it does not comply with copyright. So, if you want to use copyrighted and paid applications, you can install Netflix, PopCorn Time, etc. 

Instruction for downloading the Showbox app 

Showbox application does not exist at CH Play and App Store. Right on top of the page, there are 2 links to download Showbox for Android or iOS. 

Step 1. Because Showbox is not available on CH Play and App Store, so you need to enable “Allow installing apps from outside sources.” 

Step 2. Click download (Android/iOS, depending on your operating system). 

Step 3. Click download the application. 

Step 4. Install it and experience free movies. 

Errors and solutions when using the app 

Possible cause: This may be because of what you want to watch does not exist in your region, or it has been blocked. 

Fix: Go to Settings > Applications > Showbox and clear the cache and also clear data. Then download a VPN (this is a proxy server which enables you to go online and appear like you’re in another region, helping to hide your identity). Connect to a U.S. location, and then re-open Showbox and just try to watch. Bear in mind that some VPNs can slow down your connection, so choose one that is good for streaming and downloading. 

Error: ‘Showbox server not available’ 

Possible cause: You may be running an older version that needs updating. 

Fix: Visit the official Showbox homepage (we recommend bookmarking the URL so you can quickly check) to download the newest version. The app is periodically updated to keep things running smoothly for all users. So please pop back here regularly and look out for notifications to update the app. 

Error: ‘App has stopped working’ 

Possible cause: Your device is running low on memory. 

Fix: Try freeing up some space by removing old applications and files. If you have space for an SD card, use this and transfer some of your media. 

Other troubleshooting tips 

Reset: Sometimes when you update Android, the operating system switches off the ‘allow from unknown sources.’ Check this is enabled whenever you are required to update Showbox. 

Reboot: If you have tried all the above and you still cannot watch Showbox, try uninstalling the app and then re-installing from URL. 

The above should cover everything you need in order to watch Showbox on Android. If you have any issue report back to us. Thanks for choosing the app, enjoy the show. 


In short, Showbox is a very nice alternative for online movie websites. It owns thousands of movies, famous TV shows, and advertisement free. Therefore, It really becomes a widespread application for movie lovers. 

>> Showbox on PS4 and Chromebook


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  1. Eileen Ramos
    5 out of 5

    It is well designed, has a smooth user interface, and is usually done flawlessly. To be honest, it is probably the only streaming application I need

    ShowBox ShowBox

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