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Product Description

Crackle is a free movie and TV Show viewer app that is being used by a lot of people. It works well on smartphones, iPads, and tablets that running the Android operating system. This is one of the few apps that is rated the best on Google Play/App Store. Similar to Hulu Plus, it allows users to experience unlimited videos, movies, and TV shows. 

Crackle is like HBO Go or Netflix. That is, this application provides the main content of the videos up front. Then, if you want to see what content, you just need to touch it. You will be redirected to the website containing the movie or TV Show that you have selected. 

Currently, Crackle is serving more than 25 million users worldwide. Every month, it constantly updates the latest content. You do not need to register and do not have to pay any costs. But you can watch all the blockbusters, famous TV Show, or old film series like Seinfeld, Pineapple Express, The Three Stooges, etc. every time, everywhere. Obviously, you will find it difficult to find a compelling reason to not download Crackle immediately. 

The main features of the Crackle 


Hundreds of hit movies like Step Brothers, Drive, Resident Evil – Afterlife, Talladega Nights, Bad Boys, Men in Black, The Rum Diary, Joe Dirt, Baby Boy, Shazam, Avengers – Endgame, John Wick 3, X-Men – Dark Phoenix, Frozen 2, etc. and more. 

Television program 

Do not miss any episodes from the most popular TV series like The Shield, Damages, Blue Mountain State, The Jackie Chan Adventures, Sanford and Son, The Three Stooges, Spider-Man, etc. 


The ideal “House” of Anime with great movies (more than 40 series, 1,000+ episodes) including Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Marvel Anime – IronMan, Blue Exorcist, Queen’s Blade, etc. Crackle’s Anime feature may be similar to those used to watch Anime like 9Anime or Kissanime. 

Unlimited old movies watching 

A variety of historic films and series (including comedy) are available on Crackle. 

Other outstanding points 

– Watch movies and TV Show Hollywood in full screen. 

– Download and play for free. 

– All are 100% legal. 

– Update new movies and TV shows monthly. 

– Connect Android to the TV via Chromecast for watching movies on the big screen (and similar to iPhone and iPad). 

– Manage favourites with Watchlist for you to view on the app or watch online on website. 

– It can choose to watch movies only when your device is connected to Wi-Fi (allowing users to save data on the Internet). 

– Support countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Latin America. 

Just connect to the Internet in 3G/4G or Wi-Fi format then you can enjoy watching movies with Crackle. Try to use Wi-Fi to avoid interruption during viewing. In addition to online viewing options, you can download movies to your device for offline seeing anywhere. 

A few disadvantages of Crackle 

– Crackle is a good film viewer application, but it’s not a huge movie-watching app like Netflix. There are a few movies and TV shows that you won’t be able to find on this app. 

– Movies and TV shows will automatically be deleted after a few months appear to make room for newer content. 

Above all, Crackle is really a great free choice for those who want to watch movies. It is only slightly limited compared to other paid video watching apps like NetflixHulu, etc. I wish you all really happy when watching the movie with it. 


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