Laziness is probably one of the biggest and fastest spreading diseases in the modern world. The dangers of laziness are no laughing matter. In an attempt to keep those of us that suffer from laziness safe from starvation, food delivering applications were born. Users order food on the app and it’s delivered given to a good samaritan that will ensure you won’t starve to death. One of these good-hearted applications is Swiggy.

What is Swiggy app?

Swiggy is a food delivering application that is free to download on Android devices. In essence, it works like any other food-delivering application. You order food from the list on the app and they will send a driver to deliver the package to your marked location. 

What is Swiggy app-Swiggy - Food Order & Delivery - Swiggy puts the “Fast” in Fast Food What is Swiggy app-Swiggy - Food Order & Delivery - Swiggy puts the “Fast” in Fast Food What is Swiggy app-Swiggy - Food Order & Delivery - Swiggy puts the “Fast” in Fast Food

How Swiggy works

The first thing that makes the app unique and a bit different from other delivering apps is the distance they will go for you. Swiggy drivers will cover distances that are larger than the distances competitors will do for their customers. 

The app provides live order tracking. Check the app to see where the driver is exactly on the map. Time management is very important and this feature will give you more control over how you wait for your food. 

The drivers are intended to make sure that your food arrives fresh and on time. The administrators pride themselves on the delivery times of their drivers. The app has markers on each of its items to show users how long the order will take to prepare and deliver. This all depends on the recipe and distance from the client. 

Discounts and freebies are included in the application. These are available for all users it just depends on the restaurants in your area and the online wallet you use to pay. Sometimes there are special discounts just for the users of the application. This means that you will pay less just by ordering over the app. 

Last but not least, there are more than 30 different types of restaurants on the app. It means there are 30 classifications of restaurants or fast food joints to pick from. From South Indian to Vietnamese food and everything in between.  

Instructions for free downloading Swiggy app

The process is so simple. What you need to do is click on the links above the article to have free download the app on your devices.


Swiggy has some great ideas that back it up. The features the app provides are all very useful and some of them are completely unique. The fact that some of these features don’t work is somewhat frustrating. Nevertheless, the staff that built the app is working hard on getting rid of these shortcomings. 

Frequently asked questions about Swiggy

1. Does swiggy have cash on delivery?

> Yes, Cash is accepted if you order food using COD options.

Process for COD in food delivery app in Swiggy

First you choose food from the restaurant that you want. After that proceed further for making payment. In making payment window at the end you will see COD option tick that and proceed further. That’ all! Food is on the way with COD option. Pay the cash to delivery boy.

2. Does swiggy deliver alcohol?

> In the Swiggy-styled model of delivery, ordering just one bottle is possible. Customers will then start ordering only the alcohol that they need, and not with an intention to stock up.

3. Which is better, Swiggy or Zomato?

>> Zomato and Swiggy are both leading delivery firms in India. Due to the high competition they offer exclusive discounts on their platform. Swiggy relies more on discounts to drive growth and traffic whereas Zomato offers discounts but are less compared to Swiggy.

4. How does Swiggy earn money?

>>Because Swiggy operates as a dual-partnership model, it also benefits restaurants that can receive more orders from customers using their own app. All the drivers in the vicinity receive a broadcast signal on their own Swiggy drive app when the order is placed. After they accept the order, they deliver it right on the customer’s doorsteps.




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