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Swiggy Food Order & Delivery – Swiggy puts the “Fast” in Fast Food

Laziness is probably one of the biggest and fastest spreading diseases in the modern world. There is no cure for this condition because the scientists doing the research have become too lazy to go any further. Like with all similar illnesses, that we don’t have the cure for, we can only treat the symptoms. The dangers of laziness are no laughing matter. People can become too lazy to eat or hydrate, thus leading to their death. In an attempt to keep those of us that suffer from laziness safe from starvation, food delivering applications were born. 

These apps allow patients like us to order and receive food from the comfort of our own couch. Users order food on the app and it’s delivered given to a good samaritan that will ensure you won’t starve to death. One of these good-hearted applications is Swiggy. Swiggy is a food delivering application that is free to download on Android devices. In essence, it works like any other food-delivering application. You order food from the list on the application and they will send a driver to deliver the package to your marked location. 

Swiggy Food Order & Delivery

Swiggy isn’t really a new concept. We’ve seen a steady rise in food delivery applications. When the market gets as flooded like this one with applications popping up left and right, it’s the features of the app that will ensure it’s survival or its untimely downfall. Swiggy has some unique features and some improved features compared to other food delivery apps. On the other hand, the application is still very young and has more than enough issues and bugs that the developers need to iron out. 

Before you decide to give the application a go, let’s take a look at what the app does right and what it gets wrong. Keep in mind that the app is still very young and this tends to be the case with most apps that just start out.

What’s great about Swiggy

We start out on the greener side of the fence with all the things that we like about the application. Some of these things are still in development, so they might not work 100% as intended yet. 

The first thing that makes the app unique and a bit different from other delivering apps is the distance they will go for you. I mean the literal distance the drivers will cover to make sure you don’t go to the couch hungry. Swiggy drivers will cover distances that are larger than the distances competitors will do for their customers. 

The app provides live order tracking. Don’t wait and speculate. Check the app to see where the driver is exactly on the map. You can see whether they are stuck in traffic or filling up at a gas station. This also gives users time to do other chores while they wait. Time management is very important and this feature will give you more control over how you wait for your food. 

The drivers usually don’t fool around. They are intended to make sure that your food arrives fresh and on time. The administrators pride themselves on the delivery times of their drivers. The app has markers on each of its items to show users how long the order will take to prepare and deliver. This all depends on the recipe and distance from the client. 

Discounts and freebies are included in the application. These are available for all users it just depends on the restaurants in your area and the online wallet you use to pay. Sometimes there are special discounts just for the users of the application. This means that you will pay less just by ordering over the app. 

Last but not least, is the variety that the Swiggy application offers users. There are more than 30 different types of restaurants on the app. That doesn’t mean there are 30 places to order from, it means that there are 30   classifications of restaurants or fast food joints you can pick from. From South Indian to Vietnamese food and everything in between.  

Areas of the app that needs improvement

Like mentioned earlier, the app has some downsides and features that don’t always function like they are supposed to. The sad part about this is that some of the positive points that I have highlighted above will also be in this section because they tend to be buggy and glitch out sometimes.

The bugs and glitches on the app are the biggest problem the developers need to take a look at. These bugs have cost some users money. I’ve come across more than one complaint where something in the system went wrong and the client didn’t receive their order or the refund for the purchase afterwards. The admins, however, are trying to address these issues. If you take a quick glance at the comment section on the Google Play Store, you’ll see that the good people from the Swiggy app tries to respond to each of the complaints and encourages the users to contact them in order to resolve the problem. This tells me a great deal about the guys behind the scenes and shows that they are actively trying to improve the user experience. 

Some of the bugs include things like the driver’s location not working, incorrect delivery times on the food list and orders that cancel on the app for no reason but still get delivered. 

In conclusion

Swiggy has some great ideas that back it up. The features the app provides are all very useful and some of them are completely unique. The fact that some of these features don’t work is somewhat frustrating. Nevertheless, the staff that built the app is working hard on getting rid of these shortcomings. 

The order tracker, fast delivery speed, delivery time display and promotions are all things that will attract thousands of new users. The bugs just need to get sorted out fast before the app gets a permanent black stain on its name and no one downloads anymore.


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