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Tag After School is an 18+ horror game that offers a horror story that requires players to live in any circumstances. Let’s find out more in the article below!

About Tag After School

Tag After School is a horror school life simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. However, this game is filled with adult images represented by ghost characters.
About Tag After School- Tag After School
The use of simple, detailed pixel graphics, thrilling music, continuous laughter, and flashlights’ light illuminating everywhere gives a real creepy feeling like in horror movies. Tag After School is not just a simple role-playing game, but it is also mixed with survival elements. There are more highlight scenes, such as the ghost flirting with the main character, even trying to seduce him.

The plot

The game takes players to a famous high school in Japan. You also start the story with a character named Shota-Kun, who is the main character. One day, shy Shota-Kun is challenged by his schoolmates to discover the school that is said to have a ghost at night. As a real man, he also accepts the challenge and this is where our adventure will begin.
The plot- Tag After School

The gameplay

We will play as Shota-Kun to explore the haunted school at night. Our mission is to explore different areas of the school, interact with many other characters, to reach the end goal of finding the ghost and unraveling the mystery behind it. In the end, you will get some prizes.

The game modes

Tag After School includes two main game modes: Survival and PvP. In Survival mode, players will face constant attacks from hordes of love-hungry witches and must constantly use weapons to destroy them all. The game also provides players with a few different weapons for exorcism. Meanwhile, in PVP mode, players will have the opportunity to confront and test their skills with many other players around the world.
The game modes- Tag After School


  • Exciting and challenging gameplay, showing horror gameplay but still fun
  • High-quality HD graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Multiple ending options

How to download Tag After School APK

You can click this link to download Tag After School APK to your Android device. For more good tips and useful guide, you can refer here.
How to download Tag After School APK- Tag After School

To conclude

With the attraction of sexy female ghosts that will alternately appear in front of you, asking you to make them happy enough to forgive, it will certainly be a difficult challenge for every gamer. Are you tough enough to escape the temptations of Tag After School? Download the game and experience it now!
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