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Many viewers are currently viewing TeaTV as the fastest and easiest way to watch movies, explore the information about actors, and update the favourite programs. This application has a very intuitive and beautiful interface. It offers an extremely rich and completely free movie collection. You can watch films directly right on the app with very good quality. 

The outstanding features of the TeaTV APK

When referring to movie viewing apps, users have many options. It’s free like Terrarium, YesmoviesShowboxMobdro, etc. or takes charge like Netflix. But TeaTV is always highly appreciated. It owns a huge number of users because it has the following differences. 

+ Besides the online viewing feature, TeaTV also supports users to download movies to their handheld devices so that they can watch them easily when there is no connection to the Internet. 

+ Each film has its own introduction, objective assessment articles, and detailed information. This gives the user an overview of the movie before they decide to watch it. Carefully explore the information that TeaTV provides before choosing a movie. It will help you avoid wasting your time because you have to watch a movie that is not your hobby. 

+ This application is completely free and it does not require you to register an account. 

TeaTV’s interface is simple so it will help users easily find their favourite titles (using the smart search bar). 

TeaTV constantly updates the new content. Therefore, you can find new movies every day. 

+ Another great thing of TeaTV is that the videos on this app always meet very high-quality standards of Full HD. 

+ It has a bookmark feature that lets you add your favourite movies/programs to the list (so you can view them later). This is a handy feature that helps you save movies/TV shows/speeches of famous speakers, etc. 

How to download and install the TeaTV 

Download and install the TeaTV for Android 

To download the no-ads version of TeaTV, your Android smartphone needs to comply with the following requirements. 

+ Running Android operating system version 8 or higher to ensure the application works well. You can check the current version by going to Setting and selecting ‘About.’ 

+ Connect to the Internet with high-speed to be able to stream video/television programs smoothly. 

+ RAM must be at least 2 GB. 

+ Available at least 200 MB of free memory. 

+ Before downloading the application, you need to enable the option ‘Allow the application to be installed from an unknown source.’ 

If your smartphone has met the above requirements, please click on the link to download TeaTV for Android above this article. Install it normally like other applications. Then open it and watch the video immediately without registering anything. 

Download and install the TeaTV for iOS 

If you use the iOS operating system, you need to meet the following conditions. 

+ Your device is running on iOS 10 or above. 

+ It needs to have at least 100 MB of free memory (to run this application normally). 

+ It is necessary to connect to the Internet at a faster speed (to download the application without any difficulties). 

How to download the TeaTV app for iPhone/iPad 

+ Access iTunes in iPhone and enter the keyword ‘TeaTV’ into the search bar. 

+ Click on the ‘Download.’ 

+ Open the downloaded file to start the installation. 

+ Click Open to launch the application and use it. 

Owning TeaTV means you have a miniature television station on your smartphone. 


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