Terraria, a sandbox adventure game in 2D that has always been compared to Minecraft due to its great.

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Terraria application is a free 2D adventure game genre for the Android operating system and 505 Games S.r.l., an Italian video game publisher, released it. It has many similarities to the game MineCraft is famous for playing with a combination of types such as role-playing, adventure, discovery, survival, etc. It can be said that this is the worthiest game for you to play, enjoy, and experience in 2019. 

The game scenario of Terraria 

When you first enter the Terraria mobile game, you will be returned to the era of the Stone Age when the world is still very primitive. You will always feel dangerous because giant carnivores are always stalking you (especially at night). In order to survive, you need to quickly collect the materials to build a haven in times of trouble. Quite simply, sharpen the stone to make an ax, and then find the tall trees to collect wood. From wood and stone, you can build a complete house. 

Next, you need to burn a huge fire to drive away from the evil beast. After that, you should quickly make the weapons to search for food. You need to exploit a lot of minerals like iron, copper, gold, silver, etc. to be able to manufacture many Terraria houses, weapons, wings, and armors. Be persistent to dig deep into the points that you are suggested in the game to get the most minerals possible. 

Everything you exploit will be stored in your depot. Your job after acquiring the minerals is to start forging the weapons. Every weapon from basic to advanced will have its own recipe for casting. For example, the ax needs wood, stone, and silver; the sword needs iron and gold, etc. Forge the most necessary and suitable weapons for you based on what you have. Please note that casting will also have failure and success rates. 

After you have equipped yourself with enough weapons, you can adventure throughout the land all over the world. I believe that you will always feel excited when playing Terraria’s category because you will discover thousands of beautiful maps like the floating islands in the sky, the immense caves, the mysterious worlds deep in the ocean, etc. 

A few outstanding features in the new version of the Terraria game 

+ Allows playing various persons at the same time, and the WiFi game can support up to four players. You can play Terraria with your friends on any mobile device to adventure together or you can challenge them through face-to-face combat. 

+ Over 200 options in the menu of weapons, ammunition, etc. 

+ About 25 types of blocks for you to build anything that you can imagine. 

+ Up to 75 types of monsters and five types of host monsters. 

+ With lots of new maps or environments for you to explore. 

+ The game has the live ranking mode in real time. 

+ 10+ NPCs to meet and collect. 

+ 30+ PET. 

Instructions to download and install the Terraria APK 

You can download Terraria at the link above this article. To install and play it smoothly, then your mobile phone must have a minimum RAM of 512 MB. 

*Some effective tips 

How to make a bed in Terraria

Numerous new Terraria players have asked this question. We think that making beds is a simple task but if you don’t know how to do it, you can’t do it. There are plenty of friends who have played this game for several weeks and still don’t know how to make a bed. 

The way to make a bed in Terraria is as follows: First, you just have to prepare all the materials like wood, iron, etc. Finally, you need to joint them together to create a bed with the size and style that you desire. 

How to fish in the Terraria 

To be able to catch fish in Terraria, you need to have the following materials: a fishing rod made of wood; a net bought from gold that you have to exploit; the bait from butterflies, worms, or crickets that you have to catch by yourself. After preparing all of them, your job is to find an ocean and catch lots of fish. 

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1 review for Terraria

  1. Lisa Nelson
    5 out of 5

    A true masterpiece.
    This game is just something special. It changed me. It taught me to not worry about all of the dangers in this world, but to admire its beauty. This game definitely has its fair share of beauty. The dark shadows really make the lights stand out. The color is gorgeous. Especially the green grass and the light brown wood and dirt. I sometimes cry because the landscape is so lively. Those little caves on the surface are perfect for building on. There are also lots of items that make houses look really homey, like the dishes the traveling merchant sells you, chandeliers, candelabras, tiki torches, you name it. The landscape is usually rough, which is neat because while the worlds are sort of small, all those hills and ravines pose a little challenge, so it isn’t so easy to travel long distances very fast. I get can lost in this game very easily, because there is so much to do. This game has hours upon hours of fun packed inside. I would definitely recommend it for people who like to play games which are a little challenging, but keep it fun and humorous along the way. It is way worth the 5 dollar price tag. I am sad to hear that the game will soon not receive any more large updates, but it happens to every game, and I guess we have to live with that. I wish all the best for Re-logic and 505. Games and their future projects. Have a great day.

    Terraria Terraria

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