Looking for a new Android web browser? Download UC Browser APK file free and learn about the world’s third most popular web browser with our in-depth review.

There are dozens of web browsers available in 2018 for the picking. And while you may have heard of only a select few giants, like Chrome, Opera and Mozilla. There are undercover browsers, operating beyond your knowledge aiming to bring you the best of the internet through a streamlined surfing experience.

In this article, we will be exploring some features and benefits of choosing UC Browser for Android and PC.

What is UC Browser? 

UC Browser is a web browser developed by UC Web, a prominent Chinese mobile internet company. By market share, it is currently the third most popular web browser in the world. Not surprising considering the People’s Republic of China has a population of around 1.4 billion. But the majority of users actually hail from India. It’s compatible and available for download across most mobile devices including Android, iPhone, Windows phones and PC. UC web browser boasts backing from some impressive investors including Alibaba and claims to be a fast, secure way to access the web without fear of privacy being breached. 

UC Browser rocks most of the features we would expect to see in this day and age. Speedy page loading, fast navigation with browser tabs and a speed dial for quick access to your favorite sites to name a few. When it comes to ease of use, the interface is simple and intuitive across all devices. Using UC browser on your Android device also provides you with some cool features. Read on to find out more.


Customizable Themes

Compared to other browsers, UC Browser on Android is actually quite customizable, with a huge library of themes to choose from. If that’s not enough, you can create your own theme using gallery photos from your phone. And if that doesn’t suffice, feel free to tinker with the text color to your liking. 

Intuitive Gestures

Gestures make browsing a breeze, with left and right swipes to go forward and back. UC Browser also has optimization for one-handed use on larger devices like phablets. Swiping up and down can increase or decrease the brightness accordingly.

In-app Widgets

This feature is known as cards that lets you display widgets on the browsers home screen. These widgets essentially let you see snippets of web pages without having to actually visit the site. For context, this could include news headlines, jokes or trending videos. It could potentially save you chunks of data. 

Download Manager

A feature of UC Browser we tend to see strictly on desktop browsers. This is definitely a welcome addition, especially as we dive further into a mobile-dominated era. This feature is actually quite advanced, allowing you to simultaneously download and track up to six files and choose their download location. There is also a nifty little file manager built-in to navigate through your downloads based on file type. 

Ad Blocker

While Chrome is generally great in this regard, there’s nothing like having an ad blocker built-in to kick adware to the curb when it pops its head up. You can then check to see the total number of ads that were blocked thanks to UC Browsers efforts. 

Quick Access

This could well be considered the most notable of UC Browsers features as we continually look for more efficient software with ease of use in mind. The search bar is available at all times from any app to quickly access Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and general search options. 

Text Only Mode

Looking to save data? Activate text-only mode to block out image content on web pages – perfect if you’re only interested in text. This feature only works on mobile devices and is great for word heavy content like articles and research-based content. 


Any software that supports add-ons gets a thumbs up from us. Features like Ad Blocker, Speed Mode, QR Scanner and Clipboard are native add-ons on UC Browser for Android. We can access an abundance of additional add-ons by visiting UC Browsers dedicated add-on store. Speed Mode is a nice feature, allowing you to control how much data the browser uses in order to load web pages at higher speeds. 

Is it safe to use UC Browser? 

This is a question that seems to be largely up for debate. Various sources online claim it’s not the most secure, therefore we recommend avoiding using mobile banking or transactions until you can be sure you are secure. For streaming and general downloads, UC is a great choice. 

How to download UC Browser APK

Although the app was once banned from Google Play Store, they seem to have resolved their bugs and are back in full swing with close to 500 million downloads to date. Like most apps, simple head over to the Play Store and click ‘Install’. If you’re looking to get to grips with UC Browser for PC, follow this link to download it directly from UC Web. 

How do I download movies on UB Browser?

  • Open UC Browser (or Chrome).
  • Turn on Incognito tab.
  • Then, search the name of movie you want.
  • The download mark will be appear. You just need to click on it
  • The movie starts to download. Wait for it to complete and enjoy!

How did UC Browser increase their download speed?

We just need 4 steps to increase UC Browser download speed.

  • First of all, go to your UC browser setting.
  • Then, clear the Clear data
  • Next, clear Ad block
  • Finally, clear data Usage

After completing all the steps, your download speed will automatically boost gradually.


Overall we like the functionality of UC Browser for Android devices. While it doesn’t stand out much compared to the likes of Chrome or Mozilla, we can say with certainty it’s better than a lot of default mobile browsers out there. The app is continually improving, with the latest update boasting an HTML5 score of 487, which essentially tests how well your browser supports HTML5. Plus, 4.5 stars out of 19 million reviews speaks for itself. But as always, stay safe while you’re out there surfing the net, as vast and glorious as it is.

We hope you found this review informative enough to decide whether to make the switch to UC Browser for Android. If you want to grab a free UC Browser APK file, including other highly rated apps and games, swing by Apkafe for the latest scoop.


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