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Product Description

One day you wake up and find your planet has been invaded by a series of bloodthirsty Zombies. Don’t panic! Just follow what Unturned show you about the secret of surviving when zombies come in this game.

About Unturned

Unturned is a game suitable for those who love the survival genre, with blocky graphics like Minecraft and a bit of science like Rust.
About Unturned- Unturned
The game has three difficulty levels. The Easy level has quite a lot of loot, up to 50% more than the following level. The next level is Normal and finally Hardcore with quite a few changes and things get a lot more difficult. Still, the Hardcore level is only available in Premium version. Unturned‘s graphics are not so excellent as it is simply normal 2D drawings, animation things that will remind you of the Roblox game. Still, the sound of zombies and the soundtrack in stressful situations also leave a strong impression on the player.

The gameplay

Generally, in Unturned, you have to survive the attacks of ghosts. Players will control characters that are randomly spawned in the maps, you will have to search for weapons, food and armor to fight long with these zombies. The longer you survive, the more you will discover special weapons with terrible power to kill zombies easily.
The gameplay- Unturned


  • Collect food and equipment to increase survivability
  • Link up with other players to form your own alliance
  • Upgrade equipment and weapons to fight the attacks of the undead
  • 5 different maps give you the freedom to explore the mysteries

How to download Unturned on mobile

  1. Access Steam or here to download the latest version Unturned.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can launch it from your home screen and embark on the game’s world.
How to download Unturned on mobile- Unturned

Final words

The extremely engaging gameplay and the intense battles against zombies that are still going on are enough to urge you to download Unturned immediately to feel the suffocation in those chases. Wish you have the best experience!
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