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Developer: Vosmug
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Version: 1.2c
Updated on: 2024-07-09

Discover the intense sci-fi action-adventure game Xenotake. Follow Eerien’s journey through a mysterious alien ship, battling enemies and uncovering secrets. Download now for an immersive gaming experience!

Tips and tricks:
  • Master the Controls
  • Explore Thoroughly
  • Save Often
  • Combat Strategies
  • Replay for Multiple Endings

Welcome to Xenotake, an action-packed side-scrolling game developed by Vosmug. This game combines shoot ’em up gameplay with a gripping science-fiction storyline and mature themes. Step into the shoes of Eerien, a rookie soldier, as she navigates an alien ship filled with perverse creatures. Engage in thrilling battles, uncover hidden secrets, and enjoy high-quality visuals that bring the adventure to life.

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Xenotake is an action-adventure side-scrolling game developed by Vosmug. Set in a sci-fi universe, players follow Eerien, a rookie soldier, on her first rescue mission through a mysterious alien ship. The game blends shoot ’em up gameplay with mature themes, offering high-quality visuals in an anime/manga art style. With diverse gameplay, multiple endings, and regular updates, Xenotake provides a unique and immersive experience for fans of sci-fi and action-adventure games.

Key Features of Xenotake

– Engaging Storyline: Follow the journey of Eerien, a rookie soldier, as she explores a mysterious alien ship and uncovers the secrets of an alien invasion. The narrative combines action with mature themes, creating a unique and immersive experience.

– Diverse Gameplay:

  • Action-Adventure & Shooter Elements: Xenotake blends exploration and combat, requiring players to navigate through various levels filled with enemies and obstacles.
  • Interactive Events: Players control specific scenes and animations, adding depth and interactivity to the gameplay.

– High-Quality Visuals: The game features detailed sprite animations and high-resolution CG images that enhance its visual appeal, providing a visually engaging experience.

– Replayability: The game includes various hidden elements and multiple endings, encouraging players to replay and explore all aspects of the storyline. This adds significant replay value as players strive to discover all the hidden content and different outcomes.

– Mature Themes: The game incorporates mature themes, making it suitable for an adult audience. This includes elements of horror and suspense, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game..

How to Get Started with Xenotake

Step 1: Download the Game

Trusted Sources:

  • Itch.io: Visit Vosmug’s page to purchase and download Xenotake. This ensures you are getting a legitimate and secure version of the game.

Step 2: Install the Game

Installation Process:

  • Extract Files:
    • After downloading the game, locate the ZIP file in your Downloads folder.
    • Right-click on the ZIP file and select “Extract All” to unzip the files.
  • Run the Executable:
    • Open the extracted folder and locate the executable file (usually named “Xenotake.exe”).
    • Double-click the executable file to start the installation process.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Launch and Play

Open the Game:

  • Launch Xenotake:
    • Once the installation is complete, you can find the Xenotake icon on your desktop or in the Start menu.
    • Double-click the icon to launch the game.
  • Customize Settings:
    • Adjust the game settings such as resolution, audio levels, and controls according to your preferences.
  • Start the Adventure:
    • Begin your journey by starting a new game and following the in-game instructions to navigate through the alien ship and uncover its mysteries.

xenotake - apkafe

Comparison with Other Games

Features and Benefits

– Distinctive Storyline:

  • Xenotake: Offers a mature, sci-fi narrative that involves exploring an alien ship and uncovering dark secrets. The storyline is engaging and combines elements of horror and suspense.
  • Other Games (e.g., Metroid Series): While games like the Metroid series also feature exploration and sci-fi elements, they often focus more on the action and less on mature themes. Metroid games are known for their atmospheric storytelling and deep lore but typically remain within a broader age-appropriate range.

– Visual Appeal:

  • Xenotake: Features high-quality sprite animations and an anime/manga art style, providing a visually appealing experience. The detailed CG images and mature content add a unique visual flair.
  • Other Games (e.g., Hollow Knight): Hollow Knight offers beautiful hand-drawn visuals and atmospheric settings. It focuses on a dark, gothic art style that is visually stunning but caters to a more general audience.

– Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Xenotake: Combines action-adventure with shoot ’em up elements, requiring players to navigate through levels, battle enemies, and solve puzzles. The interactive events add a layer of depth and engagement.
  • Other Games (e.g., Dead Cells): Dead Cells offers a mix of roguelike and metroidvania elements with fast-paced combat and procedurally generated levels. It emphasizes replayability and challenging gameplay without incorporating mature themes.

– Replayability:

  • Xenotake: Includes multiple endings and hidden elements, encouraging players to replay the game to discover all aspects of the storyline and secrets.
  • Other Games (e.g., Castlevania Series): The Castlevania series often features multiple endings and hidden secrets, providing significant replay value. However, the mature themes in Xenotake make its replayability more appealing to a specific audience.

Risks and Drawbacks

– Niche Audience:

  • Xenotake: The adult content and mature themes limit its appeal to a broader audience, making it more suitable for adult gamers.
  • Other Games (e.g., Ori and the Blind Forest): Games like Ori and the Blind Forest, which feature a touching storyline and beautiful visuals, cater to a wider audience, including younger players.

– Gameplay Balance:

  • Xenotake: The difficulty balance may be challenging or inconsistent for some players. The combination of action and mature themes might not appeal to all gamers.
  • Other Games (e.g., Shantae Series): The Shantae series offers balanced difficulty and charming visuals with a mix of platforming and action elements, appealing to a broad age range without mature content.

Tips and Tricks for Xenotake

Master the Controls

Familiarize Yourself:

  • Spend time getting comfortable with the game’s controls, including movement, shooting, and special abilities. Efficient navigation and quick reflexes are key to surviving enemy encounters.

Practice Combat:

  • Use the initial levels to practice your combat skills. Learn how to dodge attacks and counter efficiently. This will prepare you for tougher enemies and bosses later in the game.

– Explore Thoroughly

Hidden Areas:

  • Xenotake features many hidden areas that contain valuable items and upgrades. Explore every nook and cranny of the alien ship to find these secrets.

Interact with the Environment:

  • Certain objects in the environment can be interacted with to reveal hidden paths or items. Keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place or suspicious.

– Save Often

Regular Saves:

  • Save your game frequently, especially before entering new areas or facing tough enemies. This will prevent significant progress loss if you encounter unexpected difficulties.

Multiple Save Slots:

  • Use multiple save slots. This allows you to return to an earlier point if you make a mistake or wish to try a different strategy.

– Combat Strategies

Use Cover:

  • Use the environment to your advantage by taking cover during combat. This can help you avoid enemy fire and plan your attacks more effectively.

Special Abilities:

  • Utilize Eerien’s special abilities during combat. These abilities can turn the tide in your favor, especially during challenging encounters.

– Replay for Multiple Endings

Explore All Outcomes:

  • Xenotake features multiple endings and hidden content. Replay the game to explore different choices and discover all possible outcomes.

Hidden Secrets:

  • Pay attention to clues and details in the story that may lead to different endings. Experiment with different decisions to see how they affect the game’s conclusion.

xenotake - apkafe


Xenotake offers a unique blend of sci-fi adventure, action, and mature themes, creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience. With its detailed storyline, diverse gameplay elements, high-quality visuals, and multiple endings, the game stands out in its genre. Players can enjoy exploring an alien ship, battling enemies, and uncovering secrets, all while being captivated by the anime/manga art style and interactive events.

Ready to dive into an intense sci-fi adventure? Download Xenotake today from Itch.io and join Eerien on her mission to unravel the mysteries of the alien invasion. Explore hidden areas, upgrade your abilities, and experience multiple endings in this captivating game. Start your journey now and become a part of the Xenotake universe!

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